Magic Torches Illusion

We have fans even in Japan! Cozymax sent in these two photos few weeks ago.

This is what Cozymax wrote: “The second photo is like a light-saber of STARWARS, but actually this is fluor lamp. This photographed man is me. The first photo is like a wizard, but this is also an optical illusion. This is my friend who is not wizard :p

These photos were taken in the calcareous cave in Japan. There were a lot of optical illusions in there. I hope you like these photos. You can use them in your website if you want. When you picked my photos up for your website, let me introduce it in my weblog (unfortunately, this is written in Japanese!) You might be tired by reading this e-mail because my English is very bad! If so, please watch only the photos because any languages are not needed for watching the photos. Photo can eliminate language barrier.”

Don’t forget to open this article to see 2nd picture.

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  1. wow..ok well i say…the 1st photo is a light far away then they justput a finger under it and whatever the other hand is doing and then the light shines so that it dose that blures thing it dose…the 2nd one well its obvios that its ine of those light things they have…and it just shines…the second one is obvios…dont juge me on my spelling…but you have to agree..if only i could explain it better…oh well…thats what i got…unless faries are real thats all i got…
    spork power x-treme!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, if it was an actual light, you’d be able to see more of the surroundings. This is especially noticeable in the second one.

  3. The first one is actually quite a cool picture. The expression on her face, and holding the other out makes the illusion work for she is concerned or concentrated on the light.

    The picture the guy looks like a dick or a silly tourist taking a picture. It doesn’t appear special at all and ruins the effect.

    It is a lesson that expression and acting is important in setting these illusions up.

  4. I have a similar picture.

    No photo manipulation. I was just taking candid shots and saw this accidental illusion. There was no source of light behind the subjects.

  5. The second one is a light being shone on a shiny rectangle of tin foil from the bottom-right. Its kinda cool, but you can figure it out.

  6. If you look at the top picture above the kids head to the left it looks like a head with a beard in the rock.kind of cool

  7. oh i know where they are. it’s a stalactite/stalagmite cave, i forget which city in china though. those are just lights along the cave to light up the way.

  8. I’ve seen this in the Mark Twain caves in Hannibal. It’s daylight through an opening in the cave wall. The light doesn’t get very far but it’s how Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher got out of the cave when “Injun Joe” sealed them in.

  9. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I get it! the lights are IN THE WALL! They just took the pic at the exact right angle so it looks like they are holding it! They are probably lights to mark the path or something!!

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