Mighty Optical Illusions

Magic Torches Illusion

We have fans even in Japan! Cozymax sent in these two photos few weeks ago.

This is what Cozymax wrote: “The second photo is like a light-saber of STARWARS, but actually this is fluor lamp. This photographed man is me. The first photo is like a wizard, but this is also an optical illusion. This is my friend who is not wizard :p

These photos were taken in the calcareous cave in Japan. There were a lot of optical illusions in there. I hope you like these photos. You can use them in your website if you want. When you picked my photos up for your website, let me introduce it in my weblog Cozymax.org (unfortunately, this is written in Japanese!) You might be tired by reading this e-mail because my English is very bad! If so, please watch only the photos because any languages are not needed for watching the photos. Photo can eliminate language barrier.”

Don’t forget to open this article to see 2nd picture.

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