33 Replies to “Egg People Illusion”

  1. Umm….. ok….. that’s not a “trick”…. just looks like someone discovered Photo Booth for the first time…

    1. *last
      Hey, asshole, English is OBVIOUSLY NOT his first language. Also, YOU learn to spell and use proper grammar. Hypocrite. Why is it bothering you that he made a few spelling mistakes? If you can read it, it’s fine!

  2. i recently got a camera…and it has a kaleidescope feature on it and does exactly the same thing like u see in these pics…

  3. It was taken on a mac using photobooth, check out the diffrent things you can do, i can make a heart using my thumb

  4. either mirros like Salmon said, or it could be the mac program PhotoBooth where u can choose a setting…called mirrors NOWAI RIGHT?…and it will do this :)

  5. me and my friends do this all the time with MIRRORS!!!

    we call it mirror vision

    man ur not trickin anybody with this one…

  6. Its off a image generator, on a website, you choose what point to “mirror” and it does it.

  7. so what if it isn’t techically an opptical illusion, it is funny and a bit interesting, so please stop leaving mean and sarcastic comments. if you are so dissatisfied go away, on’t complain to everyone else.

  8. whats up with the sarcastic punks on this site? u sound like a bitter hatefull child. maby your mommy should block this site on your computer.

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