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  1. That’s the actual Tower of Pisa in the far background, and the guy is near the camera holding his leg up against nothing. The camera is just positioned so that these two elements are made to appear as though they’re touching. I took a few of these myself when we were in Italy, except that my wife is on the right, holding the tower up instead of kicking it down. Check it out here.


  2. I have a picture of me doing the same thing. Only, it’s not the Tower of Pisa, it’s the Washington Monument . . . and it’s not me, come to think of it.

  3. I was born in Pisa and I lived there until I was 27 years old. I must have seen somebody taking pictures like this every single day of my life :D Actually, people from Pisa think this is a silly thing to do, but as long as tourists enjoy it, good for them :)
    Anyway, Vurdiak, your site is great, I put a link for it in my blog :)

  4. It could also have been someone made a very realistic looking model and had the guy put his foot on it, but Dan’s idea is more probable. and dan, we’re not mentally impaired.

  5. dan probably only said that because he knows that a lot of people on here can be like:
    “LAME the guy is just kicking a model duh”

    not saying all people are like that, but from my experience there are quite a few that are.

    wicked cool illusion btw.

  6. rofl CLEVER DAN…

    he reminds me of this kid in my year, he is like soo dumb and obsessed with llamas!?! and he always states the obvious and he normally only says “wot” in a long monosallybic voice, just made me laugh

  7. That’s so cool how he was able to stand long enough for a picture with his foot at the exact right spot to make it look like he was kicking it (sorry about the run-on)…


    Wake up, Olivedapoop- Supersanta was being SARCASTIC- he/she was implying that Dan was underestimating the intelligence of fellow viewers.

    Maybe in light of this we should all apologise to Dan?

  9. Beyond what the eyes can see, this guy has his right arm inside his coat to keep his balance. :)

    P.s. Don’t see how what I just said has too much to do with the illusion.

  10. Guys, relax. Dan did nothing wrong by simply explaining what was happening in the photo.

    More shame on those of you that jumped onto the slagging train.

    And as for mrmojorisingi, sarcasm is best left for situations where one doesn’t feel the need to tag it with “sarcasm”.

    Oh dear.

  11. I became stupider having read Dan’s comment then gained that intelligence back reading other comments regarding Dan.

    So in conclusion cheers to YOU, Dan, for the heads up.

  12. “Hey guys, I’m Neil from the internet! Making fun of someone on the internet is against Article 4, Section 2, Sub-section 20 of the Official Internet Rulebook! Stop ‘slagging’ you guys, I’m serious, or I will report you to the authorities!

    Oh dear!”

  13. they shoulda cut out the grass and pple and stuff on the bottom, cuz then you wouldn’t see that the tower is behind the pple/building, and the man is in front :P

  14. Dan…. ur an idiot… everyone knows how and no-one needs it explained 2 them!!
    P.S. that is pretty funny that everyone made fun of dan..

    1. no its not,its just rude. I thank Dan because children go on this site and might not realize that.

  15. btw, Dan you are perfectly capable of explaining this illusion. I feel that you are a bit too obvious with your explanation. The first thought “Well, duh!” Then I realized that you were trying to be helpful. Nice try.

  16. Wow, Dan say one useless/superfluous thing and he gets bashed by almost everyone. I’d hate to think of the welcome Captain Obvious would receive here.

  17. Don’t know why everyone is having a go at Dan. I’d rather read his comments than the other one which appear after almost every illusion:

    ‘It’s Lame’
    ‘It’s photoshopped’
    ‘I could do than in 5 mins on my computer’
    ‘That’s not an illusion’

    Why can’t people just enjoy the site?

  18. why is everybody insulting dan, yeah he said something pretty obvious, but what happens if someone honestly didn’t know how it was done, then you guys saying ‘duh’ is kinda cruel, don’t you think?

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