3D Fireplace Illusion

This one looks pretty cool! Animation you see, is a simple composition of few frames that gives you feeling this lil’ fireplace is jumping out of it’s surrounding making it look 3D. I Love it!

Edit: I’m having troubles hosting gif’s. Does anyone know for unlimited bandwidth solution to host my animations? Blogger doesn’t accept animated images, so if anyone has website that could host this kind of art, please let me know. Don’t worry it’s rather small file – for example this one below is only 97kb. Please let me know if you have some solution.

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  1. I’m hosting it on google pages, but it will spend the bandwith till tomorrow… Photobuckt has 10GB monthly bandiwth, and you can calculate if 10,000 people sees this image per day it’s about 1GB per day…

  2. Love it. It gives you the feeling your in an earthquake. Does get a little sore to look at if you do look at it for too long.

  3. this somekind of stereographic.

    i did a quick one myself:

    a very quick one :P
    this is how you do it:

    take a picture, than move you camera about 7cm to the right (or left) and take antother picture. Put these pictures in somekind of gifanimator program, et voila!
    (perhaps you need to edit it some bit in photoshop)

    you should use somekind of tripod, i didn’t, that’s why mine is not that good, but you will get the idea.

    (you also can create anaglyph pictures with this method, but then you need those red and blue glasses.)


  4. Try making those pictures change faster ;) it shouldn’t give that earthquake feeling ;)
    *correction try making them change VERY fast ;)

    1. I know. I was on it until I was banned and now my boyfriend is on it. I set up his account. Now he changed his password from what I put it as.

  5. Why does that have to shake? Is there an earthquake going on? It would be better if it stood still. What’s the point? What am I missing?

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