Two Headed Zebra Again!

Brenda, Laura and few others have just shared this newest optical illusion by National Geographic. This isn’t the first time we had great content from NG… It isn’t even the first time we had zebra illusions from NG, either! Anyway, the title says it all. Is it really one-of-a-kind zebra born with two heads, or is there more to this photo than meets the eye? Share your opinion in comments below!

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  1. Very cool! Two zebras: one coming from the left across the picture and facing to the right, and another heading away from us and facing left.

  2. Yeah…I see what is up with this…(also saw the same pic in National Geographic) Just follow the stripes…Nonetheless, I am never disappointed with their Photography.

  3. the body of the 1st. zebra (wich is on the left) is connected to the head which is facing to the right in the pic. the 2nd. zebra is almost at the middle of the 1st. zebra and because of the shallow depth of field between the two zebras, the juxtaposed heads plus the zebra hairs created an illusion of a zebra at the middle of the entire pic with 2 heads

  4. WOW! This one is really good. It is hard to imagine that the stripes on the zebra on the left facing right, match up perfectly with the stripes on the zebra turned straight ahead but with his head facing to the left! What a GREAT photo!

  5. I can see the evolutionary purpose of the makings: if you’re a predator, it’s hard to see where one animal stops and the other begins. Confusing as hell.

  6. The easiest way to see this is to cover the head on the right with your finger noticing that the center animal looking to the left has its neck visible on both sides of its mane.

  7. There are actually three animals. The one in the middle with the mane is facing forward and you cannot see it’s face but you can see it’s ears. The left and right faces are partially concealed so you cannot see ears but they are animals facing in opposite directions. The depth of field make it appear to be a photo of one animal with two faces. Beautiful photo. Nicely done.

  8. Good photo of THREE zebras – one facing straight ahead, one coming in from the left and one coming in from the right. Maybe doctored a bit but is certainly is a very possible photo!

  9. Check A&E TV. They have a new show featuring a two headed person, Ashley and Britany–and it’s no illusion.

  10. The stripes make it hard for the eye’s. But if you look to the zebra on the left. You may see how it is the body for the head facing right. Awesome illusion.

  11. I have seen this often on my field trips to Africa. It is a product of “Multiple Zebratic Personality Disorder.” Sometimes, when the female go into heat, the young males have a conflict between their place in the herd and their individual sex drive, thus their head splits apart. Once they have a good meal, the head returns to normal.

  12. Excellent photography. The body of the zebra on the left belongs to the head on the right. The head of the zebra on the left, his body is coming into the camera. Great shot!!!

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