Giant Snail Attacking a Woman!

This photo was taken somewhere in Europe, and I can’t believe I never saw it before – specially since the author behind it is one and only #Julian Beever, master of 3D pavement art. What you see below is a street and a plain stone bench occupied by an ordinary citizen and one unordinary creature. Both pavement and bench are partially covered by a chalk drawing. The drawing disappears in places, and at one point seems to bump into a metal pole. What I find so interesting about this anamorphic painting is it’s seamless transition between flat pavement surface and a bench. But I guess this all makes sense when you see it from another angle. Both photos are included!

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  1. That is pretty awesome, and using the metal bollard as part of the artwork is a great addition to the usual illusions of this type!

  2. Now I know what is eating all my garden plants – that is not a Julian Beaver picture I want to meet, fan though I am of his works.

  3. That is extremly well done- it must be hard to blend in the bend so well- and its very clever to position it to use that pole as one of the snails antenae.

  4. This picture of the giant snail was made by the artist during Fall 2011 in a busy pedestrian shopping street in Brussels.
    The name of the street is called in Dutch language ” Nieuwstraat ” or in French language ” Rue Neuve ”
    The black stone benches are situated left and right in front of a church in this street
    The artist used a bench on the left side
    ( not on this picture )

  5. My first reaction : « How does the tentacles on the snail’s head cross on the second image and not on the first one… Hoooo ! Clever ! I see what you did there !! »

  6. Thanks for the second vantage point. Having that second shot makes these kinds of illusions much more interesting!

  7. Very effective! — especially since the photographer got the viewing angle right in the first shot to make it work properly.
    (It’s a pity how often they don’t and ruin the whole illusion).

  8. ****This is such an amazing medium being used to make this artwork! I would LOVE to learn how to achieve this level of skill & expertise myself some day, artistically. I am ALWAYS AMAZED at what Julian Beever creates using something as simple as chalk! THIS DEFINANTLY DESERVES 4 STARS!!!****

    1. But of course, from another angle, now you can understand why other pedestrians walking by don’t even look at her the way we did, since it needs to be at a certain angle ^^

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