Find The King!

Here’s another great optical illusion puzzle by Donald Rust: Can you find the King in this painting below? When you’re done, just please don’t tell! Instead, comment you found him and share this post further. Let’s see how long does it take before you see him! BTW: don’t forget to check other illusions by Rusty (just in case you missed any). I assure you – it’s well worth your time. Enjoy!

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  1. This is one of the most clever illusions I’ve seen in a while. Difficult to see the closer you get, but can be seen immediately in the widget.
    Love it. :)

  2. now THIS is amazing, props to the artist!
    you were right, i feel better finding it on my own than looking in the comments for help, though i did have to take a step back and reevaluate for a second, my eyes started to get stuck squinting.

  3. I first noticed how the scenery of the giraffe photo and the fisherman photo seemed to fit together to form a continuous line.

    I then noticed the eyes and nose of the king.

  4. Squinted and saw it first, Now I can not see anything but the Lion. this is driving me crazy, That lion will be burned on my brain for months. it is like saying don’t think about an Elephant, That is all you think about, this is wild.

  5. Nice one! I saw it on Facebook, but I couldn’t find it. Of course with the animal theme I had a good idea what to look for, but I couldn’t see it.

    Then I open my iGoogle, see the picture in the small widget and poof! There he was, laying like a boss. I mean king.

  6. I helps if the picture is small. Spotted it right away (as with Hadsil) but lost it when I enlarge the picture.

    1. I can see it is at the top right side shut up vurdlak about us not posting answer ontop so ha I ruined ur day hahahaha

  7. this is pretty cool. I hope i don;t give anything away, but I noticed the head first, and a few seconds later I saw that there was actually a lot more than just the head.

  8. I can’t quite piece this one together…
    Maybye I am trying to hard.
    I think the flamingos might be an eye.
    I also realised something odd,
    the stream in the giraffe photo continues as mud and turns into a stream in the photo next to it.


    1. hi i can see the tail and a leg and its face i fink that it is a lion<3 but i am 10 ind if you get it please tell me XD

  9. Yes I found the King. Kind of hard to miss him, it was the first thing I noticed. It was only on closer examination did I realize what I was seeing was an optical illusion.

  10. Saw it straight away but didn’t realise it as I was looking for a different King, At least – I assume I am seeing the right one.

  11. I’m sorry. I really wish it had taken longer, but like hadsil, I saw it instantly. I think it was the flamingos. Color wise, they seem a little out of place and once your eye focus is on them, well. . . it just kinda happens.

  12. Who changed my reply? I didn’t say that I couldn’t see it. How annoying. There was nothing objectionable in what I said.

    I saw it at once, which was gratifying; it is an easy one to see but it’s a very clever painting.

  13. Wow, that is cool. I had an idea but could not see it at first. When I squinted suddenly there he was.

    Wonderful illusion 5 stars!

  14. For those who can’t find it, click the picture and look at the small pic under it n the gallery. ( btw, it’s a @!?$ ) sorry. i am not allowed to tell. But, a small pic is better. try standing way back or using my previous trick

  15. omg – so hard for me. i found it in the tiny thumbnail on the link page (click the pic) but hard to find the lion in the big pic. my eyes hurt.

  16. Ok, at first I was looking for a LITERAL king! LMBOO But when I looked down at the dude fishing, I was like OH HECKY NAW!! LOL

  17. Look at the lion and flamingos at the top right corner. Took me ten mins to find. Also make the image smaller. That will make you find the king.

  18. i saw it on the preview one :| much easier to see if you step away from the computer/make it smaller.

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