Two Face Optical Illusion

Sorry guys for me being absent for the last two days. I just hope this illusion Sandile found will make it up for the gap.

If you concentrate on the photo our South African fan shared, one I have attached to the right of this article, you will see what appears to be fused frontal/profile headshot of a young man. Now if you observe this very same image with your palm covering first left, and then right side of his face, you will end up with some pretty confusing results.

I’ve created a mockup below just to make it easier for you to see both frontal and sideway view. Even though we had something similar posted here before, I still have trouble figuring these kind of illusions.

Unfortunately, Sandile didn’t provide us with info on the artist behind this, so if you have any clues be sure to share them inside your comments. Higher-res original can be found right after the jump.

I’m a South African who loves illusions. I really don’t know if you have this one, but it’s been disturbing my brain for quite some time now. I really admire the person who created this and just thought I could share it with everyone. Keep up the good work! – Sandile, RSA

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  1. Awesome! The one on the left looks Egyptian style. The more I look at it the more I’m baffled. It seems like the nose is in profile but the eye is looking straight on in a seamless transition. Very well done.

    1. dido – almost
      i found the seam, left to right its 2/3 of the way through the forehead, cuts down through the eyebrow at ~-30ยบ, around the inside of the eye, down in a bit of an arc around the nose to the nostril, out again, down around the mouth (if you skwint here you’ll 2 white lines. continues around underneath – chin is straight on

      still cool – still well done
      I feel like it should be a statue, with the inside of the face concave

  2. I remember my father having a bunch of these kind of pictures when I was about five, back in the dark age, before color tv. They were postcards. He would ask me questions about what I saw. Unfortunately, I never saw him again.
    Thank you, your illusion today brought back a long lost memory for me.

  3. at first it looks like both options are possible, but when you take a closer look you can see the left side ( his right) of his shirt. so i can safely conclude that he is look into the camera.

  4. Looks like one photograph and some well-done “scissor” work. The “scissor”-cut is especially crafty around the eyelash and beard. Really good!

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