Secret Message Optical Illusion

Another spectacular picture was sent in to us by Anthony! It’s just one among many illusions crafted and painted by Donald Rust, yet this one is a bit different and steps away a bit from Rusty’s usual style. At first the illusion isn’t so easy to notice, but once you see it you can’t ignore it. So, what does the hidden message say? Have you noticed it at all? Happy hunting!

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  1. The text is very easy to make out but it’s still a decent illusion. If the text hadn’t been so white it would have been a bit more difficult.

    I’m an eternal optimist personally and hope the message does come true eventually.

  2. I won’t say what it says but if you squint, view the picture from far away or shrink it down, you’ll be able to see what the hidden message is. :-)

  3. Only problem is the “secret message” is easy to spot in a small image – like the widget! So when viewing a larger image I had already seen the “hidden” message and, as Vurdlak stated, I could not ignore it!

    Still a very nice painting with an interesting way to illustrate the theme.

  4. Well, The thumbnail gives it away – not to mention the name of the gif. But hey, it’s a great painting with a timely message for all that. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Very cool, but I wish you wouldn’t put the answer in the title tag. I’m glad I didn’t see that until after I saw the message.

  6. It took some careful looking on my part, but I finally saw it. Beautiful work.

    Sometimes, you just need to sit back and assess the situation as a whole to truly understand a message.

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