A girl with 3 legs; are you serious?

We have come across a lot of stories of a witch or a supernatural creature or maybe an alien having a lot of arms and limbs! We have seen such characters in Hollywood movies, animated movies and cartoon series. I can remember one of those aliens which had four arms in Ben10 series too. But do such things are possible in real life? Can you imagine a human having more than 2 arms or limbs! May be not because it is against the nature! Naturally a human is supposed to born with two legs and two arms.

Nobody can lead a normal life having such paranormal body. But is it possible for someone to live a happy life with three legs? The answer is definitely no! The person would go through a surgery to cut down the unwanted extra part of the body, either it is an extra leg or an extra arm. But the picture given tells us a different story. The picture was taken 2012 and it is confusing us for years. The picture hit the internet with a storm and everyone was going crazy after the picture which shows a smiling Chinese girl having three limbs.

Three legs girl

Yes you have seen it right. The girl appears to be happy even with the three legs. So what is this? May be she is just pretending to be happy. Or there is something else. How could this be possible? Everybody on the internet was discussing it or trying to figure out what actually happened in this picture. May be you should see the picture one time more and this time with details. What is wrong in this picture? May be girl in the above picture is trying to make us fool. Or maybe our vision is getting it wrong. Our mind is intercepting the wrong image.

Now let’s see this another time. You will figure it out that the girl is holding some vase in her hand which actually matched with the color of dress she is wearing. The color of vase is ridiculously matching with the color of her legs. And to add fuel to the fire the shadow on the right side of the vase is actually looking similar to a leg-crease.

Our mind can get deceived and this is where the illusion starts. An illusion is not that rare as we think it to be. Actually our mind displays what it intercepts or simply our vision play with our mind creating an illusion on the basis of interception of mind. Because of the anatomical make up of the eye and the complexity of the way images are transmitted from the eye to the brain, optical illusions occur.

In this brain-hurting picture maybe mother of the girl   asked her to pose with the vase her grandmother gifted her long ago. And she asked her to smile for the better picture too. But watching the outcome of this picture she would be really cursing her mother and grandmother. And the vase which actually created the whole confusion or illusion.

It is one of those things, once you see it you can’t believe how you couldn’t ever. And yet, the picture took  us years to find it out.


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