Why card tricks have endured the test of time

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of magic? It may well be a bunny and a top hat. But you can sure that not far behind, is a pack of cards. For as long as there have been card games, card tricks have been on the scene. And as long as there has been magic and sleight of hand, cards have been in the thick of it. Today, you can even find online slots games dedicated to magic, – See online-casinogames.ca for some examples. In short, there is no type of trickery which is quite as enduring as card tricks. What’s their secret?

Part of it is longevity. Playing cards are thought to have been around since the days of ancient China. Most agree that they were first brought to Europe in the fourteenth century, possibly from the Arab world. And not long later, in 1408, is the first recorded mention of a card cheat in Paris, who attempted to gain an advantage through manipulation. Card tricks clearly go back a long way!

However, it wasn’t until the eighteenth century, that the first recognised card magician appeared on the scene – Giovanni Guiseppe Pinetti performed in royal courts across Europe, even entertaining King George III at Windsor Castle. Find out more on his life at geniimagazine.com  And with the first casino built at Monte Carlo in 1863, card games and card manipulation rapidly evolved from entertainment into a means of making money.

It is not just this rich history though which gives card tricks their appeal. The fact is, you don’t need a bunny, or a top hat or any other unlikely equipment in order to attempt a card trick yourself. All you need is a deck of cards – Generally something which can be found in an average household.

And beyond accessibility, card tricks are also relatively simple to learn. There are some basic manoeuvers which need to be learnt, but the fundamentals are merely a question of practice. If you can master the overhand, or false shuffle then you are off to a good start. And then there are blind cuts to learn too. Again, if you can perform these basic moves, then you may be ready to move onto the palm card – A card which is concealed, so that nobody can detect its presence. This is when the card disappears into thin air!

And of course, all of these skills need not just be for show. They can also be deployed in a regular card game too. There are set tricks for most recognised card games. But with its current huge popularity, poker is a prime example. Read all about this trend here cbsnews.com  There are so many versions of the game – Just explore online-gambling.ca for a taste. So it’s not surprising that there are plenty of tricks to go with it – A cunningly pre-arranged deck and a trick shuffle is enough to deal a royal flush every time and wow the players! And there are plenty more where that came from.

Inevitably, there will be some who advocate a false deck of cards. But that would diminish both the fun and integrity of card magic. Of course the real success of card tricks is down to practice and good old-fashioned showmanship. There is nothing like engaging your audience with a pack of cards and a pair of quick hands!

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