Hovering in real life!

We have seen fictious chracters, comic heroes, magicians and aliens flying or hovering around in the movies! Have you ever wished to possess such powers for transportation purpose? You wouldn’t need any vehicle to move around. Just by using your flying power you can go anywhere and better yet, there won’t be any traffic jam to bother you! How cool is that?

If this happens in actual life! There would be no need for planes because everybody could fly on their own! No hustle and bustle on roads! No need for mass transit systems. There would be a whole new scenario for transportation.

But we can just imagine it because we don’t have such powers! But wait looks like this man in picture given below, found a way to hover around! As the picture shows that the lower half of the man appears to be levitating because his feet are not touching the ground. What is the reality behind the whole scenario? Is he really hovering around? How could this be possible?

Hovering in real life

Could this be the future of transportation? Is he wearing some kind of jetpacks or some hover-shoes? Or he just found a way to bypass Gravitational force of Earth? What is the actual reason behind this? Was this happening as a result of some revolutionary scientific experiment? Or this is just an Illusion!

Before we elaborate this, let me tell you about this picture. The picture was posted on Reddit by “Favre4Evre”. The reditter described that when he took this picture, both feet of the man were touching the ground. He just took this picture due to the pants the man in picture was wearing. Then what happened to this picture? Probably some photoshop act! No! not at all. So what is the reason of levitation?

We have heard “This world is a mere illusion” a lot of times. The above given picture involves an illusion too. This is where our mind joins the action. This is how an illusion occurs. Optics play with our mind. The function of our eyes is to receive the light and pass it to retina and then retina pass it to our brain which intercepts it and produce the image. In simple terms, an optical illusion is caused by the structure of both the eye and brain and how they work together. Because of the anatomical make up of the eye and the complexity of the way images are transmitted from the eye to the brain, optical illusions are not as rare as one might consider.

Or we can say that our mind gets deceived. Our mind displays the image it perceived. In case of illusion, we can say that “Perception is Interception”. Illusions are not some kind of defect of mind. Sometimes it happens due to over-activity of mind. We can see the illusions in a fun way too. And not to mention Magicians are masters of illusions, they play with our minds!

Now let’s disclose the reality behind this levitation picture. The thing which appeared as the shadow of the foot is just an oil stain. But this was really a socil media sensation for at least a couple of days with people really going crazy after the post. This picture really drove the whole social media crazy, like pictures of the girl with three legs and girl’s bathroom selfie. As a conclusion, I would say that pictures can really deceive us. So we shouldn’t believe in the pictures with just a glance.


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