The motion illusion shirt that will freak you out

Illusions have been fooling the human minds since ages. It is one of the best things through which we like to challenge our brain. If you will search motion illusion on the internet, you will come across many amazing images that will fool your mind in the best possible way.

However recently, an image shared by a girl freaked out many people. The hidden truth behind the image was the simple science of motion illusion. When you will see the picture all you will think is how she made this possible.

Girl top optical illusion

The mind blowing shirt

Our cupboards are filled with dresses, shoes, and accessories. Most of us like to wear the crop tops because they are comfortable. However, what will you do if your top will turn out to be magical? Something like that happened when Madeline shared an image of her shirt on twitter. Some of the amazing facts about her amazing shirt are:

  • When you will scroll down your news feed it would appear like a simple crop top
  • You will be intrigued to open the images and what you will see next will completely blow your mind
  • Yes, you are right when the image is opened it seems like the strips on the top are moving

Girl top big optical illusion

Wondering that how she made that possible. How a simple crop top that has straight strip when it is closed can be converted into the moving strips. One single word will explain everything and that is motion illusion.

The science behind the image

As now you can see the moving strips it is the time that we reveal the secret that how it all happened. So the shirt Madeline is wearing has been printed according to the rules of illusion. This is the reason that when the image is closed you do not get a chance to focus on the picture properly and all you see is a simple shirt.

However, when the image is opened it displays a completely new story. Now you get the chance to see the real motion illusion. The reason that you find it amazing is that your brain has been working on displaying this image as a simple top and this is the reason that it is unable to find what it really is.

Human brains are amazing organs, however; sometimes they can only focus on single information due to which we miss many amazing things. It is the similar case with the image of the shirt.

So in order to understand the art of motion illusion, it is important that we think outside the box and open the horizons of our mind and our brain. It will help us to understand new information and things.

Motion illusion is the art that will help us to understand the hidden truths behind many things. So if you really want to see the beauty of the earth it is the time that you open your brain to the hidden truths.


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  1. Not seeing any apparent movement. In either picture…and neither picture “opens” to show anything more…am I just totally missing something here?

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