The puzzle with the four faces optical illusion are you intelligent enough to locate them all

Every now and then, many new tricky images are posted online that triggers your senses to locate the hidden items.  The images are usually created with the science of optical illusion and this is the reason only a few people are able to locate the desired items.

Optical illusion has been fooling the human minds since ages. It has proved several times that human mind will only perceive what it has been taught. So here we have a new puzzle for you that will amaze you.

Four faces puzzle

This puzzle is the perfect representation of the Optical illusion. In the picture, there are 5 soldiers. One is clear and the other four you have to find. The story behind the images is that there is a soldier who is looking for his partners and can you help him to find other four.

Four faces puzzle

The company that launched this Optical illusion claimed that only 1% of the people would be able to solve it and located the faces. The site has claimed that this Optical illusion will make your twist your head as well as your phone several times. However, this is a challenge that you wild defiantly find hard to resolve.

Reasons you cannot locate the faces

We can understand that you have been unable to locate all the faces. If you have found even a single one then you deserve a standing ovation. On the other hand, if you have badly failed here are a few reasons why:

  • When we look at the picture we waste most of the time in locating the faces
  • When we fail we start to identify the areas of the images that could be designed as the face
  • However, soon all the energy of our will be utilized and the results are frustrated we will stop locating for the answers.


It is the time that you have been waiting for. Yes, get ready because we are about to reveal the answers to the amazing Optical illusion that has been making your mind go crazy. One you will see the answer you will see the amazing challenge that it has been presenting. Focus on the image below for the answers.

Four faces puzzle answer

Amazed, yes we know you are. You might be laughing at your senses because this image can be regarded as complete craziness. It can be regarded as pure madness because of a face in the selves, other in tree and two in the rock. It is simply mind blowing because even the wisest of the individuals have not been able to locate the faces.

However, there is no need to call a person stupid because they are unable to find the truth behind the Optical illusion. As most of them are specially created to make sure that no one can solve them. In case you are able to find every hidden face, it means that your mind works on a different level.


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