Seemingly Bent Squares Illusion

Ever just have a day where you feel all out of sorts for no particular reason? For me, today is one of those days. First, I overslept, then I tripped coming down the stairs, spilled my coffee, and found that someone had eaten the last bowl of cereal. So, now I’m grumpy, behind in work, in pain, uncomfortable, and hungry. It’s shaping up to be an interesting day.

When I first glanced at today’s optical illusion, I immediately noticed that the squares—much like me this morning—were all bent out of shape.

Bent Squares Illusion

Doesn’t it look like the block of squares has a bit of a rounded 3D effect? Normally I can see that the seemingly bent illusions, like these bent squares, aren’t really bent after looking at them for a bit, but not this morning. It was only after looking at this bent squares illusion in my trusty image editor that I was able to see that they aren’t bent squares at all, but regular squares with perfectly right angles.

The sides aren’t bent at all. They just look bent because of the starburst pattern of the background. It’s a simple trick, but a very effective one. Maybe I’m just off my game today, but they still look like bent squares to me this morning.

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