Can You Find the Owner in this Dog Illusion?

Dog is man’s best friend, as they say. Oftentimes, the two are almost inseparable. Wherever man goes, dog goes and wherever dog goes, man isn’t far behind. Today’s illusion is an ode to the amazing bond between man and dog. But, can you find the man in this dog illusion…?

man dog illusion

It may be a bit difficult to see at first, but he’s there. He’s a bit deformed looking, be he is there. Need a little help finding the man in this dog illusion? All you really need to do is look at it differently – turn your head to the right.

Still need help? Here’s what I mean…

man dog illusion2

When you turn this dog illusion sideways, it turns into a man. Granted, he is something of a strange looking man, but he’s there nonetheless. This dog illusion and illusions like it are a great reminder that not everything is as it seems, no?

What did you think of this dig illusion? Make sure you rate it below! And, if you liked this illusion, you might also want to check out these secret paintings by Igor Lysenko.

3 Replies to “Can You Find the Owner in this Dog Illusion?”

  1. “He’s a bit deformed looking.” Understatement of the day! Wonder what a “really deformed man” would look like… :-)

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