Funny Coffee Addict Illusion

Every morning I’m u bright and early, and every morning I can’t quite get going without my coffee. I’m hovering around the coffee pot, cup in hand, with my eyes have shut and the world just a-blur around me. I dare say, it’s not a pretty sight! I have to admit that I’m a bit of a coffee addict.

Some days I probably drink more coffee than I should. I can tell, because I start to get the shakes and the things around me, I swear, take on a life of their own! Coffee may make some people more alert and functioning, but too much coffee for me makes the world go weird! Of course, being the coffee addict that I am, I don’t think I’ve ever had it as bad as this guy…

Drink coffee

I’m thinking that the guy laying on the couch isn’t the coffee addict here. But the psychologist? Oh, yeah! He’s a coffee addict! He gets it. On second thought, maybe he’s just about one of the meanest psychologists out there. Maybe he just painted his wall with an optical illusion because he likes to mess with his patients a little.

What about you—are you a coffee addict too? Tell me I’m not alone! After you get a cup or two in you, don’t forget to rate today’s optical illusion. When you’re done, head over and see if you can spot the man in the coffee beans and the owl in the coffee!

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