A Sand Art Portrait of Barack Obama

What I just noticed when I opened my website, and checked the previous Don Quixote illusion, is that there was a hidden Easter egg for all of us! Check out the shield next to the soldier’s left foot. Can you see a reference to the Vase Faces illusion we already published? I felt really smart when I discovered this! Now on to our next article – How big should your canvas be? How about 2.5 acres of ground! This is exactly how much was used to create a gigantic Barack Obama portrait. Piece you are seeing bellow is called “Expectations”, and the artist behind this sand art is Jorge Rodrigues Gerada. The outsize scale of Expectation also allowed the artist to allude to the global impact of this election. For people around the world, the symbolic power of an Obama presidency would be without precedent in modern history. Seems like Obamas are jumping behind each corner, as of lately. – Link via: Scene 360

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  1. thats so awesome!!! i love Obama!!!
    and i do have reasons for liking obama,thank you very much

  2. This isn’t a real optical illusion, I think. There’s nothing that looks different than it is in reality. I did also notice the two hidden faces in the shield yesterday, they weren’t too hard to spot.

  3. Wow! That’s so awesome! Go Barack Obama! You hard work finally paid off, workers! Outstanding. mid-blowing job! Barack Obama is going to LOVE it!

  4. That’s just awesome!and i noticed the easter egg before;its pretty cool

    this is the first time that ive been one of the firsts

  5. can any1 tell which part of his face the “too-close-up” is from? there where we see the 2 artists sweeping

  6. Dear person who posted post 11.

    WTF dude, if you dont like it, then shut up and go cut your wrists. no’one cares.

    PS. thats awesome :3



  8. I saw those two faces in the vase thing, before. Wow, another obama portrait, their certainly is a lot around.

  9. This obviously took alot of work. It’s awesome!! Hope someone thought to send a photo of it to Michele Obama. I bet she’d love it!
    S. Harris

  10. Congratulations on being black Obama. Now what extraordinary things have you done that deserved this? Oh I remember, he has socialized our financial sector, ready to pounce on the health sector, and single handedly guaranteed my children’s taxed to be in the 50% range (unless they don’t feel like working, then the government will reward those sloths). Thank you Mr President. Just like the sands of this portrait, it will take a long time for the winds of time to undo the damage he brought on.

  11. analphabet118, the ‘too-close-up’ is from just below his eye; you can see the whies of his eyes.
    And seriously, everyone who’s slagging Obama off, this site isn’t really the place to do it. I’m sure there are hate forums about him, so go and be horrible there. This site is for people who appreciate optical illusions and other cool things like this picture. No one asked for your opinion.

  12. This is like something the nazi germans would do for hitler… obamas such a fraud hes the exact as bush and it just shows how brainwashed and loved this guy is…
    when 80% of the ppl could not name an issue he supports

  13. This is the best piece of art work I have seen and would have taken a long time to do, I agree with liz and others if you don’t like Obama (not being American I neither like nor dislike him) that’s your choice you will never have a president everyone likes on this site lets enjoy the art work of different people

  14. This is excellent, very creative!
    But I can’t help pondering how difficult it would be to actually create this my self? Obviously it’s not something that I’m ever going to get the chance of doing, as I have no large field to work with but I could draw this on a piece of paper and glue sand on. It’s all a question of scale!
    I’m not taking anything away from the artist as the real art is in the idea it’s self.
    But I just wonder if I had a big field, lots of free sand and nothing else to do and of course a large tape measure, would it be impossible for me to do, if I had the idea?
    There is the small problem it that I don’t actually have a helicopter to check my progress as well.

  15. Last I checked that doesn’t qualify as an optical illusion.

    ILLUSION: Something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.

  16. I wonder if this is one of those shovel ready jobs Obama promised from the stimulus package?


  17. This artwork was created by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada in Barcelona Spain just before the elections. His website is http://www.artjammer.com.
    Though the artist considered Barrack Obama the less dangerous candidate, the piece was created to bring attention to the fact that the Bush years have left the world in such bad shape that people in the U.S, and beyond start looking for a hero to make things better. When populations start needing heroes to save them, it is because they are in really big trouble. The artist stated that we should keep in mind that heroes may stay true to their word or fade away like sand.

  18. What a huge waste of space. Why make a tribute to this useless asshole who will destroy America and make it a laughing stock worldwide?

  19. Ok…I would call that a great piece of art that took time and effort. And I’m sure that more than ONE race was in on it. So-to all you stupid f-in’ negitive sun-of-a-beeotches, drop f-in’ dead. To 21/26/27/28/29/30/31/32 and tater (by the way…tater? What-your mum went into labor the day she fried up some taters?) you all are such dumb-arses that you probably failed high school, or did you even make it there? Oh-21, um-Obama wasn’t in the f-in’ white house when Bush ok’d the 911 to happen. It was that bastard…alone…who fuc-ed up the economy, so go and lay in a ditch and get pissed on by a bumb with dirty hands. Komeight, thank you. I loved your comment. That’s hot!!!

  20. If you look up: Ronda del Litoral, 08019 Barcelona, Spain its just east of that along the coast, even though its not updated, so no picture yet, you can see the empty landspace.

  21. F*k obama this is the most ludicris thing i have ever seen who in their right mind would spend this great amount of time on that loser???

  22. What a waste of time. At least make it of a good president, like… oh I don’t know, Taft, or Coolidge, or Wilson.

  23. That is pretty cool. But why not do it of a more famous person in America? They have only known that Barack Obama for a couple of years. Pretty much a waste of time if you ask me. By the way big fan of your site.

  24. the first black man in us history to be president. thats pretty fuckin historical if u ask me. bunch of klansmen. dont be mad cause america finally finally voted in a black president becuase im sure it will happen again.

  25. Rich: We voted in a sorta-black man to prove we weren’t racist. Next time we should vote for someone competent to prove we aren’t stupid.

    As to why it’s a pic of 0bama, that’s simple: All the conservatives were working at their jobs to pay taxes, and didn’t have time for this crap.

  26. I wonder if they did that on purpose or they just happened to make a mistake and it look like Barack Obama.

  27. Notice how he’s looking over his shoulder as if he’d been caught?

    Don’t show this to King O. His head is already big enough! Can’t believe anyone would expend the time and effort required to produce this to bring attention to such a do-nothing president. Nothing this man has done will benefit the country as a whole, although the things he’s done will go a long way toward benefitting his voter base.

    Vote this joker out.

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