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    1. Fishes is a word. It refers to more than one particular species of fish in plural. Douche.

  1. Yeah, I’m from Pittsburgh and I noticed this illusion about 6 or 7 years ago, I’m surprised they haven’t changed the logo of the zoo yet. It is clever though, so I guess thats why they haven’t.

  2. I see 2 fish at the bottom, 2 birds, 2 lions at both sides of the tree and I think there’s also a whale at the bottom on the left. I don’t see a gorilla…where is it? Oh and on the top on the left side…I think I see a sqirrel.

  3. that is pretty cool. i love illusions like this, they are so clever. and unusual ones like this are better than the vase one you see all the time. i can also see how you wouldn’t necassarily see the illusion if you weren’t looking for it- it’s subtle.
    found them all, keep up the good work!

  4. I see:
    2 birds,
    2 fish,
    a gorilla,
    a lion,
    a whale,
    a horse head, a hedgehogand a baby chick in the leaves,
    a slug,
    a squirel,
    a big cat head in the branches,

    and a crocodile head at the bottom where the fish are (fish are in its mouth)
    very cool

  5. is it just me, or are there a bunch of little critters in the branches of the tree. i think i see a snail and a giraffe

  6. i just LOVE these, and i get even a bigger kick out of the comments that follows…especially when people “see” things that just arent there :) This design has a BIG tree, the outline of both a gorilla and a lioness, with the two birds flying above the tree, and two fish leaping out of the water UNDER the tree. After checking with the zoo officials, THAT IS IT…there is no more hidden animals in the logo…But, still…VERY nicely done.

  7. ok the fish and birds are intentionally in there, duhh. gosh you guys are dumb.
    theres two lions though, on either side of the tree

  8. … it looks a girl lying on the floor with her hand straight up holding something. She has her legs bent though!!

  9. Tee Hee. I see…


    2 birds

    a Gorrilla

    a Lion (female)

    and a small little giraffe in one of the wholes in the branches.

  10. i dont see any ficken whales i see the fish` the birds the lion the gorilla i think people are going crazy or maybe im going crazy i think it might be the second one

  11. i see
    1 a lioness
    2 a gorilla (other side of tree)
    3 2 fishies:) (bottom of tree)
    4 2 birds (top of tree)
    5 a tree :)
    6 if you see at the side of tree, you see half a fish lol :D :P
    7 Vurdlak, is that all i need to see? plz tell me!!

  12. its the same concept as the classic goblet illusion
    and anyway i spot the 2 big animals at the 2 sides of the tree before even seeing the tree

  13. Gabby: The Monkey and the Lion are gonna make out…
    Maddi: Theres a girl in the tree washing. No seriously, shes there.

  14. PEOPLE, WUT R U SMOKING? There are no 2 lions! there is a gorilla and a lion! Proof that there is a gorilla /Pittsburgh_Zoo_%26_PPG_Aquarium_logo.svg There is not aligator, or a slug, or a whale, and probably not a giraffe! [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/5b/Pittsburgh_Zoo_%26_PPG_Aquarium_logo.svg[/img]

    1. Sorry for getting into the conversation so late. If you look at the silhouette of the second bunch of leaves and branches from the left at the top of the tree you can clearly see a walking bear with head on the left and tail with hind leg on the right of that bunch. As for the rest – you’re absolutely right I think…

  15. Lioness is on the right and gorilla in on the left. Two fish and No Girls or flowers…. Hmm…

  16. I see a gorilla, a lion/leopard, a rhino, a horse, a frog, a giraffe, a butterfly, a croc, two birds, two fish, a slug, a horse/zebra, and a howler monkey so far… :) epic cool!!!

  17. I found the:

    Lion:1(That weird thing on the left of the tree)
    Man:1(Somewhere around the Gorillas nose, it looks like a mans tied to the tree)

    Im suprised no one noticed the crocodile,(except one) its the first one i noticed. ( The 2 fish are his open mouth)

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