In The Metropolis, We Often Don’t Notice This

We live in a fast pace society, therefore we truly cannot appreciate the beauty around us.  Being in the bustling city center of downtown probably makes it difficult to find time to even hawk a glance.  I can bet almost all of you have not walked anywhere other than the routine route to the office this week.   So, my challenge to all of you today is… Take almost 15-30 mins after your work day to explore the city.  Take a longer walk to the transit station/home.  Walk a path you never take.  Finally, take some time to just sight see.  Who knows what you might find?

Are you lost in this picture?  This picture makes me feel trapped.  I can see the tall condominiums creating an illusion of a barricade.  Are you looking up or down?  Comment with your answer below.  Share your beautiful city with us.  By the way, this is in Hong Kong.

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