Biologist Discovers New Species of Bird

A very close friend of mine whom shall be unnamed is a biologist.  One of his bleeding passions is bird watching.  He enjoys heading on long weekend hikes along with his camera to capture the feathery creatures.  I had the pleasure to accompany him on a few occasions.  So, the craziest thing happened on our last trip…

As we were trekking through the everglades, we saw a flying object shoot right up into the sky.  It was probably traveling about 30-40km/h.  We had no idea what it was.  My friend quickly picked up his binoculars and noticed that it was a bird.  A bird he could not identify or ever seen before.  It had a translucent body.  The way it took flight was magnificent.  We were in awe.

Did my story sound compelling enough to make you believe you are looking at a new species of bird? Ha.  I gotchu!  Your eyes and mind are playing tricks with you.  Look closely at the image once again.  Really zoom in.

This was actually a stone chip on the windshield of my friends car before we set out on our hike.  This was my highlight with the best optical illusions of the week.  Comment below if you thought this was a bird as well.  What should we name it?





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