3D Printer Illusion

Mondays tend to be slow and groggy around here.  Especially when there is so much work to catch up with.

Today, I have a shout out to Professor Akiyoshi KITAOKA for his work with illusions made by new technology.  3D printers.  How many of us here would think of all the neat things you could print out just by designing it and putting it into production?  Check this out.

OK, I lied.  This is not the work of a 3D printer.  Seems to be the work of carefully designed printed flat.  It’s the illusion of this irregular square or box seemly floating or popping out of the background.  You can check out more of Professor Kitaoka’s work here.  He has created tons of neat stuff.

We also love it when readers send us photos or illusions work they have created.  Send them in and we’ll gladly feature it.

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