How Stereograms Are Created?

Don’t you wonder how stereograms created?

First, you come up with an editable and a rotatable 3D image then you create a 2D pattern and hide it in the 3D image. You should render the 3D image for the 2D picture to stay hidden.

(I Heart you, get it?)

Stereograms are a creation of two different images. Each image is created for each eye, but they have a slight difference. This means that when you look at the image with one eye at a time, it appears to jump back and forth. When you look at the image, the brain perceives the images as a single 3D image.

The hidden images in stereograms can be from random dots; they could be patterned, contoured, map textures and some stereograms are stained glass stereograms. There are also text and object array stereograms.

Take a look!

What can you see in this image? Look for the Infinity sign.


Would you believe that this is an image of a hand?


Have you found the boat in this image yet?



Whose face could that be?

Tips and tricks to help you see the hidden images in stereograms

  1. Hold your face close to the image and then move backward slowly. Alternatively, you can move the image away from you. Focus on the image until you see the 3D image pop up.


  1. Keep your eyes relaxed when staring at the stereogram. Keep the eyes relaxed until the image gets blurry. This is a faster technique for other people.


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