David Blaine Street Magic

David Blain's Street Magic

Alright, so you’ve definitely heard the name David Blaine. He’s clearly one of the most amazing illusionists in the world today and possibly even history. After that ABC special the other night, a colleague of mine showed me this classic footage of David Blaine street magic. After watching this a few times I just had to share it with the rest of you. Other than the possibility that girl is in on the trick, I just couldn’t see how in the world he was able to pull this off. Take a look and see what you think about the techniques used to make this street magic happen.

If you haven’t seen David Blaine street magic, this is one of those times that you might not want to be part of the illusion. The last thing I want is someone making my teeth disappear! Regardless of whether it is only for a few moments or not, the thought of having someone take the teeth right out of my mouth is more than I want to be a part of. What would you do it if he asked you to be part of the show? Would you step up to the plate?

This guy is loaded with different illusions that you truly have to see to try and believe. Until you are able to witness in person the countless illusions he has pulled off, you won’t be able to realize how much he simply defies everything that makes sense. Even though this video only shows just one illusion, I’ll be sharing a lot more of David Blaine street magic so you’ll be able to find more of his work. From card tricks to making things disappear, this guy can truly do just about anything he sets his mind to. See for yourself.

5 Replies to “David Blaine Street Magic”

  1. I don’t want to totally ruin this, but here are a few hints. Skip reading if you don’t hints.

    Take a look at girl’s upper lip when she’s lost the teeth. Other than a look of horror, does her face really look and act normal?

    Are you sure the video is unedited? While this doesn’t affect the live trick, there are times in this video where frames have been removed. Take a look at how jerky some of the movements are, at times, at the end of the trick.

    Take a good look at the removed teeth in Blaine’s hand. Do they look like real teeth?

    Which people in the video does Blaine know? If you say “no one” then you’d be wrong. I propose it’s 2.

    No really. Take a look at her upper lip and face. This gives you the answer.

  2. This guy used to REALLY freak me out, I mean REALLY!!! I knew they were illusions, but they made me feel freaky. Like my whole worldview was under attack. You can’t do that! It violates the laws of physical science. I repeat, I knew they were illusions but…but…but… Maybe it was the setting, where people were all around, and not on a stage with all kinds of contraptions.

    Mindfreak INDEED!

    I then saw an interview where he was asked if he knew he could really freak people out, and he answered “yes”. He then proceeded to explain how he works hard to pull off his illusions, but they were just illusions. He uses tricks and misdirection just like any illusionists. I began to enjoy his work much more hearing him state something I already knew.

  3. I love Blaine. More than Criss Angel really. But this is just silly. She is in on it. Who in their right mind would let some guy put in hands in their mouth? That is just crazy. She also didn’t seem to be a very good actor. I know what he does are illusions but I think its crappy when they use people to set up the illusion. Criss Angel does it way more often.

  4. Let nothing I say subtract from David Blaine’s rightful place as modern history’s perhaps most devoted and innovative illusionist who’s enticed an entire generation to rejuvenate the craft.

    In addition to Jeff’s excellent comments, the clearest confederate giveaway to me comes after the trick is over. Someone congratulates the female stooge with a firm slap on her back. As she falls forward, her face reveals the involuntary response of closed eyes and big grin that says, “Okay, you busted me!”

    It saddens and offends me when illusionists use confederates, deceptive edits and contrived camera angles—especially when they’re so gifted they don’t have to.

  5. When it comes to videos like these, the crowds are always in on the trick.

    These videos don’t impress me because they are not any more different than a Hollywood movie edit.

    I’ll remain a skeptic until I see a trick performed live.

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