Anamorphic Painting

Hopefully at one point or another, you’ve been blessed to have witnessed a beautiful anamorphic painting such as the one below. Maybe, you didn’t realize you even came across one and you completely overlooked the sheer beauty. Walking through the streets in Barcelona, I stumbled upon a work of art that made me stop dead in my tracks just to take in how amazing the street art truly was. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to capture a picture. This inspired me to find another piece that was comparable. This incredible piece of anamorphic street art is one that you simply cannot ignore. If I were to have seen this as I was strolling the streets, I would have been worried that I would fall into the water!

Anamorphic Painting Illusion

Children and adults alike have to love the sheer detailing, choice of color and depth of this anamorphic painting. Since the area is roped off, it helps to add to the illusion and make you stop and think about it even more. The choice of color and texture that was used in this piece is something that required a lot of time and dedication. For me, I am barely capable of drawing a simple house or tree, let alone anything of this caliber.

Until you have seen something like this in person, you aren’t able to truly appreciate how much work it took to create this anamorphic painting. If you had the time, would you be able to create something as intricate and detailed as this piece right here? Would you have been able to think about creating a design such as this and know how to go about it? Anyone who has this much talent is simply astonishing in my mind. The next time you see something like this art, take the time to sit back and take it all in to see how the illusion was created in the first place.

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