Creepy Fog Illusion | They’re Coming for YOU!

I really should have saved today’s illusion for Halloween, but I just couldn’t help myself! This fog illusion is such a a neat and simple illusion, that I just had to share it when I found it!

Now, take a good long look at this foggy field, and tell me what you see… Go ahead—stare at it for a bit. I’ll wait.

more zombies appear

Did you see them? Coming for you?? Creepy, no?

When you first glance at this zombies in the fog illusion, it looks like just another normal pretty scenery picture. Stare at it, though, and “They” start to appear—the ZOMBIES! If you’re still having trouble seeing them, take a good long look at where the ground should be. Zombie like beings should start to appear from the fog.

In reality, the zombies aren’t really appearing out of nowhere in this creepy fog illusion. This is a still image and not an animated illusion. The zombies—or whatever they are—are actually there the whole time. It just takes a moment or two for your eyes to adjust and the zombies to come into focus. It only really worked the first time for me though. Now whenever I look at this fog illusion, I see the zombies right away, most likely because I already know that they’re there. It’s still a great fog illusion and pretty shocking when you see it for the very first time!

What did you think of this fog illusion? Were you able to see the zombies appear before your eyes? If you liked this optical illusion, you might also like this disappearing stars optical illusion and this disappearing colors optical illusion!

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