Man With Creepy Long Arm Illusion

Here on Mighty Optical Illusions, we love hearing from our loyal followers! (And our newbies—don’t get me wrong!) We especially love it when they giv us a heads up on new illusions that we’ve never seen before. After all, it can be tough finding new illusions after several years.

Today’s illusion comes from a Facebook fan, and it’s a pretty awesome one! 2015-06-05 00-13-55

Is it just me, or does it look like that guy in the background has a really creepy long arm?? I know! It blew my mind a little when I first saw the photo! If you cover the woman on the eft with your hand, it’s even creepier looking! Since you don’t see the second person in the foreground, it really does look like the guy in the background has a super long arm.

Of course, if you look at this photo a little closer, you can see that the man in the background isn’t a freak of nature with a 10 foot arm. Instead, the hand on the woman’s shoulder actually belongs to the woman on the right. The angle of the camera, though, creates a fun optical illusion!

Did you like this photo illusion? Maybe you can figure out who’s hugging whom?

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