Zoolander and Beyoncé Optical Illusion

Beyoncé is a pretty gorgeous girl, and I’m sure most people would agree. Derek Zoolander, on the other hand, while attractive in his own right, isn’t exactly on the same level as Beyoncé. For one reason, she’s a girl and he’s a guy, so…. It’s hard to imagine mixing these two up and having trouble telling them apart. However, this interesting Zoolander and Beyoncé optical illusion does just that!

Look at the image below with your face somewhat close to the screen…


Who do you see? Derek Zoolander, right?

Now, move your face away from the screen (or the screen away from your face) and take a look at the picture again. Who do you see now?

If the image is far enough away from your face, you shouldn’t have any trouble spotting Beyoncé in the image! Alternatively, you can also look at this Zoolander and Beyoncé optical illusion and “unfocus” your eyes a little. Beyoncé should pop into view this way too.

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4 Replies to “Zoolander and Beyoncé Optical Illusion”

  1. if you are nearsighted and take you glasses off as you move away, the Beyonce image is even more complete

  2. On the illusion of the day tool bar on my mac, it just looks like a creepy beyonce image with lines around her face

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