Shake Your Head to See This Illusion

It’s finally the weekend! For some of you, that means some much needed time off and relaxation. For the rest of us, though, it’s just another work day. Oh, the woes in the life of a workaholic…

Today’s illusion you’ve probably seen some version of before, but I still think these are neat. I always wondered how these were made too. Take a look at the picture below and shake your head back and forth. What do you see?

shake your head illusion

Did you see it? If not, you might be a little too close to the screen. Try putting some distance between your face and the image and shake your head again. You should see a little friend behind all of those lines…

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5 Replies to “Shake Your Head to See This Illusion”

  1. If you couldn’t see the kitty you would not have been a good African Safari guide because the guide needs to be able to see the lion in the tall grass before it charges. Well, you probably never wanted to be a safari guide in Africa anyway.

  2. I see bodies hurtling by at 120mph before meeting their final release on the Manhattan street below. Thank you, Islamo-freaks and your bloodthirsty pseudo god Mohammock

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