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  1. The part which is the old woman’s nose is the young woman’s jaw. Her head is turned away from you. The old woman’s left eye is her ear, and the old woman’s mouth is the young one’s necklace. The tiny lump that looks like the old woman’s wart on her nose is the nose of the young woman.

  2. Strange thing this one. We’ve been watching it at school (a loooong time ago! :D), and there were only 3 of the 28 students who saw them both without the teacher pointing them out.
    Once focussed on one of them, it’s pretty hard to spot the other one.

    Hugz&Stuff, A12

  3. Saw the young lady first, but then my eyes focussed on the old hag and now I can’t make out the young lady at all. Im confused, someone please help!

  4. Great, but easy illusion. It took me a while to notice the old hags face which was the young ladies neck and head. I obviously noticed the young lady first :)


  6. umm…ok….to be honest i saw the young lady first. If you see an old hag and can’t see the young one then the old hag’s bent nose is the young one’s jaw and her right eye is the young woman’s ear…keep postin more of these wierd ones LUVIN IT

  7. i saw both but i’ve seen this so many times anyway… somebody once told me there’s an animal in this picture too, but i can’t find it. can anyone see one?

  8. haha this is funny because i can see both and im just switching back and forth with the old women and hag ha. i’ve seen this one before.

  9. haha. i saw the young lady first. i couldn’t see the old lady. i thought u people were crazy at first lol. cause it took me like 5 minutes 2 see the old lady.

  10. I LOVE this picture!
    I think this was the first optical illusion I ever saw and it toally got me hooked!

  11. I saw the young woman with a cut on her neck then realised the cut was the mouth of the old hag

  12. i’ve seen this before
    but it still amazes me
    the first time i saw it
    i only saw the young lady
    until a friend of mine pointed out the old one
    if you still can’t see it:
    the young lady is looking away, you can only see the eyelash which is both young and old lady’s left eye
    then the young lady’s nose is the old lady’s pimple oe whatever
    the yound lady’s ear is the old lady’s right eye
    the young lady’s chin is the old lady’s big nose
    the young lady’s red necklace is the old lady’s mouth
    the young lady’s neck [below the necklace] is the old lady’s big chin

    well…hope i helped and didn’t make it more confusing(:

  13. OH MY GOD!! I finally found the old woman! Oh my god, I was soooooo confused before but now I FINALLY see the old hag!

  14. yeah its cool, for those who are having trouble to switching between the two, look at the picture, then close ur right eye and look at the picture using just ur left eye…and then change eyes, look at it using just ur right eye, each time switching eyes, focus on a different point of the middle-ish area of the picture. this will help ur mind ‘re-see’ the pic and give u a better chance at easily switching between the old lady..and young lady – :)

  15. didnt see the old woman until someone here posted where the nose an such was and even then it took some focusing to see it

  16. wow a clasic that i havent seen since grade school. I felt like silent bob trying to figure out the 3D picture in the mall :-) It took me forever! It wasn’t untill I read the young lady’s ear is the old lady’s right eye
    the young lady’s chin is the old lady’s big nose that i was able to get it.

    it took me like 15 mins of staring at this to find the old ladys face!

    I can see both now
    difficult but extremely werid

  18. I googled this pic. because i remember seeing it on an apple jacks box growing up. I stared at this for over 5 minutes only seeing the yound lady. the the old woman just appeared. not i cant find the young lady again. lol

  19. Here’s a tip for seeing the young woman.
    Look at the bottom of the picture and focus on the small black part between the two brown parts of the old woman’s coat or hair or whatever it is.
    Then imagine that black part is a shirt and use your peripheral vision to imagin the old woman’s mouth as the necklace on the young girl’s neck. The young woman should appear and she has her head turned so that you can’t really see her face.
    The wart on the old woman’s nose is the very tip of the young woman’s nose protruding just past her jaw which is the old woman’s nose.
    The young woman is looking away from you. If you turn your head about 20 degrees to your left, then you’ll be looking in the same direction as her.
    Once you look back at the center of the picture you’ll probably see the old woman again.

  20. i have used this picture on a number of occassions in groups and usually there is a 50/50 split who sees young or old. But I just discovered all who see old = dominant left eye and all who saw young = dominant right eye. Any comments?????

  21. now this is an illusion, i saw both of them, i saw the young woman first then i started staring harder to find the old hag. key = young ladies neck red line is old ladies mouth lol

  22. I remember this optical illusion back in the 70’s because it was used in art class at my High School and maybe in another subject. I wanted to show a girlfriend when we where talking about perception and I saw the young women right away and it took me awhile to see the “old hag”. I suppose this means I am young at heart and beauty and young can live on forever. As far as right/left hemisphere of the brain, I can not comment of that at the moment.

  23. when i first saw this 2 years ago, i swear i couldn’t find the old lady!!!
    but now tht i see her, she is UGLY

  24. wow, I seriously thought I would never find the old lady… but now that I finally did I don’t see how I missed it before. lol

  25. i found both of em, the young lady has the brown hair with the white hood and to find the old lady rotate the image 90 degrees clockwis and the chin beomes the nose and the little red necklace thing becomes the mouth and the white becomes her hair

  26. OMG I CANT FIND THE HAG i saw this 2 yrs ago and i found both now i dont it sucs
    wait i was looking and didnt submit yet and i see it
    This is how first close ur right the stare rlly hard at the young womans ear the chin line is part of the old ladies nose and the neck is part or the old ladies chin

  27. damn , i saw the young girl for a second , and then i read the .`can u spot the young girl` and started only seeing the old lady , now i cant find the young one , lmao , wtf , where is the young girl ? :D

  28. i saw the old hag first then the young lady,
    the hags nose isnt the young ladys chin (people saying that confused me) its her jaw line. The red mouth of the hag is supposed to be a stripe necklace thing

    -hag has a big face that takes up most of the space
    -young lady has a really small head that happens to be looking away

    (old hags eyes is the young ladies ears)
    hope this helped people

  29. Do you know the experiment connected with this paint?The hypothesis of this experiment is that if people think positively or even romantically before loking at this picture they will be more likely to see the young woman than the old witch.

  30. I only found the young lady because I read that the key is that her neck is the mouth of the ugly woman..omg I couldn’t find her no matter what I tried.. pretty tough illusion

  31. tip: If you want to find the old hag, look at the red stripe, which is her mouth, and the young lady’s ear beings the old hags eye.

    If you want to find the young lady, focus on the little dot on the crooked nose of the old lady, which are the young lady’s eyelashes.

  32. someone said
    i have used this picture on a number of occassions in groups and usually there is a 50/50 split who sees young or old. But I just discovered all who see old = dominant left eye and all who saw young = dominant right eye. Any comments?????

    I am blind in my right eye, and can’t see the Hag. That is a comment.

    1. Well the 2 women are scaled differently. I think that is why people who do not instantly see both have an issue finding one or the other. Once they see either young or old they try to find the alternate image and assume that the face will have similar proportions, not to mention that one is facing toward us and the other is facing away.

    2. I am also blind in my right eye, but can’t see the young lady…only the old hag.

  33. I find it helpful to look at center of pic for old lady and at the blue on the left of pic for young lady

  34. Zomg i know how . People who like anime would see that pic as a young lady cuz anime girls look like this , people who have sympathy for easy things would see an old woman , so try looking outside your thinking , maybe you could find one “.

  35. It took me an hour to see the young lady. Could see only the old woman’s NOSE ! Took me a while to get the nose out of my mind !!

    1. Omg thats well cool! i could only see the young lady for weeks, but ive just found the young girl x

  36. Just look at the red thing if you want to see the hag and look at the jawline if you want to see the young lady

    1. Thank you – I wouldn’t find the old hag until I focused on the red thing. Thanks!

  37. omg i saw this illusion about 5 years ago and i just found the old lady it wuz easier to find cuz the one i had didnt have any color but thank god this has

  38. yes I have seen this imagine many times yes that image is used in “groups” in addiciton classes,it`s just how a person persieves things,to the rest of you dummies…..go figure.

  39. I don’t see the old lady at all. The one reply about right eye dominant, you are right in my case; I am heavily right dominant.

  40. the story is that if u r a pessimist (see the BAD side of things) u see the hag, but if u r an optimist (see the GOOD side of things) u see the young lady

  41. It was really weird, first I saw the young lady and couldnt find the old hag then someone pointed her out (and I got TOTALLY freaked!!!) And I couldnt find the young lady again! :( But now I can find them both. The big give away was defo the mouth/necklace!!! :D Hope I helped!

  42. the red steep wedge
    – old womans lips
    – young one’s scarf..

    watch the old lady and start getting your eyes out of focus…
    u will see the Ung one ;

    1. I have seen this optical illusion before, but for some reason it always takes me a while to find the old one..
      Is that Normal?

      I also noticed the ear of the young, it seems to be a wart on the old ones noes.. Should she be called a witch, or an old hag?

    2. to Taylor: its not the ear that is a wart, it is the ear that is the eye of the old lady. welcome

  43. I saw the young lady first, but I read that right eye dominent people see the hag and left eye dominent people see the young lady, and when i went to an archery class, they said I was left eye dominient so maybe it s true!

    1. I am blind in my left eye and it took me a while to see the young lady, i had to read the descriptions 1st

  44. The young lady is looking behind her and the old lady is looking to the side, took me a reaaalll long time to see the young lady though

  45. I saw an old lady, looked up at the description and said ‘omo’ when I caught the sight of the beautiful young lady.

  46. yes, the first time I saw the picture, I only saw the old lady and could not see the young lady but a year later (yesterday) I saw the young lady straight away! So now I can see the old and young lady! It was very, very hard for me to see the young lady the first time i saw the picture! My dad still can’t see the young lady, just the old one! The old lady’s big nose is there and the big nose is the young ladys side of her face!

  47. How you manage to see young lady first? with one glance you see old lady and only after looking ten-fifteen minutes I saw young lady… But I still can’t guess what’s is white scarf of the old lady for the young one..
    In my view in the pitcure is old lady but the young is added later :D

    For them who can’t see young one: Old’s nose is most of the young’s face look carefully to small additions to the nose which is young’s nose and eyelash

  48. WOW.. after i red the instractions above i managed to see the young lady.(i got obsessed finding her)
    An intresting point. Just today i had a lecture about investments. They showed us the picture and we’ve been told, the potential customer who will spot the young woman 1st is keen on investing, the other one is keen on savings

  49. I could only see the Old Lady first, her nose and chin are so prominent as to be unavoidable!

    Very focused examination of the top of the big nose reveals a tiny nose and left eyelash of the Young Lady. It all falls into place after that.

    The Young Lady’s ludicrously massive hair, hat and fur also trick your eyes!

  50. Everyone says they saw the old hag first. Was I the only one whose eyes immediately pictured the young lady and had to squint a little before I saw the hag?

  51. I still can’t see the old hag, argh, at first glance, all I see is the young lady, up until now, all I see is the young lady, I have read the descriptions and still can’t see the old hag, argh…

  52. Ok, now I see the old hag, had to cover the image with my hands to see her clearly, but now I can see both so easily, argh, I feel accomplished for now lol

  53. woooow for the longest time I couldn’t find the young lady! The old lady’s nose is the young lady’s chin&jaw!!!

  54. Yes I also saw it just by reading all your hint.. I was very baffled yesterday and now I know.. The young lady’s chin is the old lady’s nose..

  55. Ok! I was soo frustrated I couldn’t see the young lady!

    Copy the image and rotate it counter clockwise, you’ll see the young lady/old hag

  56. When I first saw it, I saw the young lady, but once I saw the hag, I could only see the hag. Bye bye, young lady….

  57. OMG! I finally saw the old lady! It sure took me a while to find her! All I saw at first and for a while is the young lady but now I can see both :D I had to focus on the young girl’s necklace(which is the old lady’s mouth) to see the old lady!

  58. first time, i saw the young lady only briefly, read the text (was an ad), saw the old lady. couldn’t find the young lady again until i read some descriptions

  59. I was in mr. shropshire’s class learning about fractions . he said to see 2 fractons so he showed us this pic.cool

  60. I saw this pic a billion times and I could only found the lady. now, thanks to these people who also commments.. I HAVE FOUND IT!

  61. what the hell !!!!!!!!!!i got freaked on seeing the witch ,i mean the hag. the chick looks cute even though only her back is shown

  62. AHAHA!!!1 OHMYGOSH! My art teacher has this exact picture and she made us look at it.. we had to make some.

  63. I have seen this a thousand times, but it was shown again in one of my classes the other week and the other students were suppose to find the 2 images in it. Everyone found the young lady, but it took them almost 6 guesses to find the old lady. Instead, they found a dog, a unicorn and a few other things I can’t remember. It was really weird.

  64. I just can’t see the young lady. I can see the old hag easily, but I can’t see the young lady. I am not blind or anything. I just can’t see her.

    1. Yea I can see young lady but I cant see an old witch, as hard as I try.. aaaww

  65. well, its a really horrible rendition of a young lady and excellent of the old hag. i googled other optical illusions and came across another similiar pic and only then “got it” . all i could see was the hag.

    1. The chin of young women is the nose of the old hag. The ear of the young is the eye of the hag. The necklace of the young is the mouth of the old

  66. I could see the young lady but I hadn’t seen the old woman till now i’ve looked at it proper.For all the people who csn’t see the old lady the chin of the young lady is the nose of the hag and the lady’s neck is the hag’s mouth.Hope that helped!!

  67. one clue the old hags mouth is the cut in the young lady’s neck and the eye of the of the old hag is the ear of the young lady(also the wart on the old hags nose is the young lady’s nose)

  68. This is unbelievable, but can u see the baboon in the picture. This is more clearer if u can see the old lady.

    Nxt wha u do is cover the hair with your hand so that your mind is not distracted. If u look clearly yo will see the head of a baboon

  69. The eye of the old woman is the eye of the baboon
    The baboon faces in the direction of the hair I.e it is looking in the hair
    The mouth is the same as that of the old lady

    The baboon is facing in opposite direction to the old woman

  70. My mom saw the old lady right away she tried to point it out but it isnt exactly popping out at me… See if you can spot it! The ear is supposed to be the eye of the witch, the cheek bone is the nose, and the band around her neck is the mouth. It doesnt look right to me but u might be able to see it

  71. actually there are 4 peers that you can see in this picture 1 is the young 2 is the old 3 is the bird and last not to be seen so much is the one that hugs the young one hope you see it all

  72. how can i use it in a seminar? i want half of the hall to see the old woman and half to see the young girl. i want to show a picture of the young girl first to half and an old woman later. then show the mix pic to both…. does any one have all 3 pics?

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