Where is The Wing?

See anything missing in the photo below? How about the airplane’s RIGHT WING for god’s sake :) ?! Luckily, the plane hasn’t lost it’s wing and the crew landed safely. Spotted by Hall Sean and shot by Daniel Terdiman/CNET, this photo depicts the plane ascending quickly, moments after coming in for an aborted landing test. To brief you shortly – the day belonged to the 747-8 Intercontinental, which made its first flight on March, 20th this year. But while the press and hundreds of Boeing employees waited for the new 747 to take off, one of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners was doing touch-and-go and aborted landing tests. Kinda reminds of this optical illusion, doesn’t it?

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  1. Um… why does this say it was posted on June 20th? It is the 19th… There were like 3 other posts today as well….

  2. the wing is hidden behind the plane’s body
    notice how the left wing is bent up a bit? yeah, the right one’s the same

  3. Flying on a wing and a prayer!

    Vurdlak, I’m having trouble with the “Next Random Illusion” button. I keep getting the same illusion after the first random one. Started doing this about 2 weeks ago. Any one else having this problem? Thanks. JA

  4. I’m totally confused. If this is not photoshopped, then wehere is the other plane, and where is the wing?

  5. It is purely to do with the rake of the wing. If you look at a plan view of an aeroplane you will see that the wing rakes backwards, it also angles up significantly. This means that the wing is hidden behind the engine.

  6. its pretty cool! can you also add a previous button and next button so that when some1 misses yesterdays illusion they can just press previous


  7. sure that is not the airport in my state, what with jack blank blank we have in office it sure dose look like one of his cut backs lol, any rate nice one and yup still loading in 2.3 seconds.

  8. I don’t get it. If I copy and reverse the left wing in Photoshop, put it on the right with the correct perspective, it doesn’t disappear.

    I realize it’s an illusion, but how do you explain that? [If I had to guess, I’d say that somebody wanted a sky that wasn’t all washed out by trying to get a good shot of the plane, and they accidentally removed the wing tip when they replaced the sky. Similarly, the farther [right] engine looks larger because it’s dark, and less of its outer edge was picked up and deleted when they selected the sky than on the white left engine, which is brighter with a tonal value closer to a washed out sky.]

    Or else, what?

  9. It’s not an illusion, the wing is made of carbon fiber composite that allows more bending than the normal aluminum wing. The right wing is behind the right engine. There is a large degree of sweep back at the tips. Here are two photos to prove it.

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