Common Sense Crossing

Erik Johansson… Hm, now why does this name sound so familiar? Let’s see if our post tags can be of assistance in situation like this one… I knew it! If you check the #Erik Johansson tag, you may discover he had created that marvelous chalk drawing in Stockholm’s square, one we featured not so long ago. Well, if you think about it for a second, nothing prevents an artist to establish himself in more than one area! As you can see in the attached photo, Erik does wonders with photo manipulation too! Titled “Common Sense Crossing“, this work’s transition from normal to upside-down view was done incredibly smooth. It greatly reminds me of Michael Kai’s “This Side Up” gallery, agree? If you like what you see below, be sure to check Erik’s profile at deviantART for more!

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  1. How come Jill’s entry is right over this one? In the widget I can only see the last one, so I actually missed this one, if it wasn’t for a friend to notify me.

    Does this happen a lot?

    1. naah, I just posted second entry (this one) few minutes after Jill’s. so it will appear in widget in few moments (takes some time for widget to refresh)

  2. Dang. Beautifully done! He got every minute detail covered in there. I can’t see a single inconsistency, and he added a lot of little things you have to look for. Definitely a keeper!

  3. when i first looked at, my brain was trying to make it right, and i saw all of the pavement as right side up and the upside down cars as depressed into the pavement. once i saw it as it was meant to be seen, i can’t go back to my original version. brains . . . can’t live with’em and can’t live without ’em.

  4. I thought I saw a flaw, but when I flipped the image it seemed ok. Although I would like to know why there is a bush growing out of the sidewalk beside the dog walker.

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