What’s Wrong With This Picture? (Sitting Optical Illusion)

It’s summer vacation all over the country, which means teens are just dying to hang out with their friends. Much like the teens in today’s sitting optical illusion.

These boys are just sitting here hanging out. But, of course, there’s more than meets the eye in this sitting optical illusion. Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?

Sitting Optical illusion

It may take some of you to see what’s wrong with this optical illusion, but no worries! It took me a little bit to see it too. I even zoomed in and out a couple of times to see what was wrong with this picture. When you see it, though, you just might kick yourself.

Still can’t see what’s wring with this picture? How about a hint?

Okay, here you go. Take a good look at the bench these young men are sitting. What color is it? Does it look comfortable? Now do you see why this is called a sitting optical illusion?

At first glance, it looks like these guys are hanging out on a bench in this sitting optical illusion. However, upon closer inspection, you can clearly see that there actually is no bench, and they aren’t sitting on anything at all. Instead, they’re leaning their backs against the wall with their knees bent in a sitting position. The way that most of them are leaning forward, much like many people do when sitting, makes this illusion even more difficult to figure out. It also doesn’t help that the bottom of the brick wall they’re leaning against looks a little like a bench from far away.

I think this is a pretty cool optical illusion! And, I’m wondering how long some of these guys were leaning in these positions so the photographer could take the picture. I imagine it had to have been a little uncomfortable…

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  1. Didn’t take too long to see that there is no bench. They did good, but they are not all on the exact same level.

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