Deceiving Jeans Optical Illusion

I’m not even quite sure how to introduce today’s illusion. I’ve written, deleted, and rewritten the intro to today’s post four time, and nothing sounded right. Either it’s such an amazing optical illusion that it leaves one speechless or I’m just out of it this morning. I suspect the latter, but hey—we all have those types of days.

So, without further ado or blather, I give you today’s optical illusion!


This is actually a pretty neat optical illusion. When you look at it, it appears that it’s a person with two torsos and heads. And probably three arms. Either that, or it looks like the woman is missing the bottom half of her body. The guy also looks a little odd because it appears that he’s not only wearing two different shoes, but one of them is also a high heel. But, to each his own, eh?

If you really look at the picture, though, you should be able to see what this illusion is all about. Pay particular attention to the waist. Or, I should say waists, since this is actually two people. The woman is in front with her side to the camera. The pair’s legs and shirt hems are perfectly aligned. Since their shirts and jeans are the exact same shade and material, they blend together almost perfectly.

This optical illusion really reminded me of a similar illusion. After looking at it for a bit, it hit me. I’ve seen a Levi’s ad similar to this…


Okay, I’ve seen a Levi’s ad a LOT like this! I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that the Levi’s 501 ad came first. I’m not sure who took the first picture, though. It would be nice to know, so if you know the story behind the first optical illusion, drop us a comment below!

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  1. You still haven’t written a proper introduction. Do me a favor and edit for grammer, ‘four times.’ I couldn’t enjoy the article because of that early misstep. Sigh.

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