Who Wants to See a Naked Lady?!

From optical illusions to naked ladies? What kind of website is this?! Downright filthy, I tell ya…

To shake things up a bit today, I thought we’d post a picture of something a little more exciting and provocative! I know some of you guys are pretty excited about that, so let’s just get to it…

Naked Lady Illusion

Isn’t she sexy? But, there may be more to this image than meets the eye. If you look a little closer, you can tell that this isn’t a woman in her birthday suit at all, but just a naked lady optical illusion. And a well done one at that!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

The first thing you may notice is that our lady’s legs are not legs at all, but a pair of pantyhose hung outside the window to dry. Her right side is formed by the curtain and the tieback, and her left side is formed from a little cockeyed cat. He’s probably looking at us and wondering what we’re staring at, but little does he know that his ears are in the perfect spot to create the illusion of our lady’s bosom.

It looks like she’s reaching down with her left arm, but you might want to look a little closer. The lines of the cat and the bottom of the decorative shelf bracket only create the illusion of an arm. Her face and hair give her even more shape, but if you look closer, you can see that her hair is the leaves of a potted plant an the pot itself makes her face.

And her voluptuous derrière? Nothing but a wine glass.


So, it turns out that there’s no naked lady here after all. It’s nothing but a collection of well placed objects creating a naked lady illusion. But it’s still pretty cool!

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