Spiral Clock Optical Illusion

It’s something that you can never get back once it’s gone; something that we always seem to need more of, but at the same time, it’s infinite. It can reveal all secrets and be the most valuable thing a man spends. However, Albert Einstein says that it’s just an illusion.

What is it?


Today’s optical illusion is a nod to time, our most precious commodity and sometimes our worst enemy.

Spiral clock


When I first saw this spiral clock optical illusion, it blew my mind a little. It’s never ending, which supports the theory that time is infinite—even though it doesn’t feel like it some days. I really want one of these to hang on my wall! I only wish they made an optical illusion watch. Oh wait! They do!

What do you think about this spiral clock optical illusion? Does this spiral clock optical illusion make you feel like time is infinite?


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