Vanity Fair Illusion

Hello Moillusions followers.  It has been awhile since we have updated some new content.

Last month, we received some hilarious news over the cover of Vanity Fair.  I personally do not know what this publication is about; probably about pop culture and celebrities.  It proved to be a gold mine for us.  There were optical illusions that the naked eye could spot. It was a good game of Picture Hunter.

Let’s give you all a moment to analyze the cover photo.

vanity fair hollywood original cover

Hint*: Check out the left side. That is where most of the action is.  Oprah looks good for her age.


vanity fair illusion 2

Here is a more zoomed in photo.  See it yet?

reese witherspoon illusion leg

Reese Witherspoon has three legs apparently.  Oprah also has a mutated hand.

The photo editor must have done this easter egg to help boost the publicity of Vanity Fair.  As the saying goes, “Bad publicity is good publicity.

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