One Or Two Face Illusion

We have been on hiatus lately and we truly want to apologize.  Things have been quite hectic and we have not been diligent with our Moillusions’ postings.

This illusion was discovered in an old photograph of a couple sent to Archimedes’ Laboratory.  Gianni Sarcone is the leader of this consulting group that specializes in perceptual puzzles.  He saw the image pinned to the wall and thought it was a single face.  After putting on his eyeglasses, he realized what he was looking at.  The team then applied this beautiful Venetian mask over the photograph to create this artwork.

This type of illusion is called “bistable” because, as in the classic Face/Vase illusion, you may see either a single face or a couple, but not both at once. Our brain system tends to see what it expects, and because only one mask is present, we assume at first glance that it surrounds a single face.

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