Two Faced Illusion With Makeup

Everybody has met someone in their life that as two faced. You know the type! Someone who tells one person one thing, then turns around and tells someone else something completely different. Ugh! I hate that sort of attitude!

But, I do love me a great two faced illusion! I generally don’t like two faced people, but I think I could make an exception for this lady…


This two faced illusion was created through the clever use of makeup. The woman’s real nose is covered up with hair. Two noses were drawn onto the face, most likely with eyeliner, and two extra eyes are also drawn on the face. The eyes are made up with makeup, just like real eyes. The finishing touch on this two faced illusion was the addition of lips.

When you look at this two faced illusion from straight on, it really does look like she has two faces! At least for a few seconds, anyway…

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