Trippy Moving Circles Optical Illusion

I’m glad that yesterday’s moving illusion seemed to be a hit! You guys seem to like the crazy moving illusions, so I’ve got one more for you this morning.

Today’s illusion is a moving circles optical illusion. Check it out below. Don’t the circles seem to be moving out of the image and toward you?

expanding circles

I love me a good moving circles optical illusion! But, staring at them for too long can’t be good for the eyes. I know that if I spend too much time looking for illusions, especially moving illusions, my eyes go all sorts of wonky and I start to get a headache. Totally worth it sometimes though!

Am I the only one whose eyes went a little crazy after looking at this moving circles illusions? I spent all day yesterday with a headache, so maybe I ought to lay off the moving illusions for a few days…

Don’t forget to rate today’s moving circles optical illusion below! And, if you love moving illusions, make sure you head over and check out this rotating circles illusion!

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  1. If you scroll the image up and down you get an additional interesting effect as a figure 8 figure expands and contracts

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