Crazy Moving Bullseye Optical Illusion

Okie dokie! It’s been a long, long week here. I’ve been sick the past few days and my father’s been in the hospital for heart issues again. He’s okay and it was nothing too serious, thankfully, but I’m overtired and caught up on lost sleep this morning. So, I’m late putting up today’s optical illusion. Naughty, naughty; shame on me!

But, I think today’s moving bullseye optical illusion is definitely worth the wait! Move your eyes around this illusion for a moment!

moving bullseyes

Super trippy, isn’t it?! When you move your eyes over this image, you’ll see a pretty awesome moving bullseye optical illusion! Those little bullseyes are just moving all over the place. I though it was an animated GIF at first, but it’s not. Put your mouse cursor on the edge of one of the bullseyes if you don’t believe me. You’ll see that the bullseyes in this “moving optical illusion” don’t actually move at all!

Don’t forget to rate today’s moving bullseye optical illusion below! The ratings help give us a good idea of which types of illusions you guys like to see and which ones can go to the recycle bin. If you want to see another moving bullseye optical illusion, head over and check out this spinning bullseyes optical illusion!

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