34 Replies to “Transparent Desktops Illusion no.2”

  1. The first one, of the guy with the lakers shirt on, you can tell it’s on the computer because on the computer he has no shirt on!

  2. True dat Mondian! HE HE! Uh, he also could have been trying to show off his tattoo, which by the way…. awesome!

  3. Farted… That is the point for the first one, he has a tatoo on his arm in the computer and his sleeve really comes down past where the tatoo would be any way…

  4. how sad that none of you realize that they just had to take 2 pictures of the same space at the same angle and do some simple editing. an 8th grader could (and did!) figure that out.

  5. those ipods r old they don’t have colored screens so i don’t know how those people did it. wow they must have a LOT of free time

  6. please people on the iPods there’s a missing screen… anyone notice that that bar at the top that says “iPod” when its on is missing, along with all the menu tiems? Cheap.

  7. Why y’all so negative!?!

    I think it’s a really effective idea, even if it is quite easily done.

    Why must you all try to bring others down by saying “they’re not real iPods!”, “it’s so simple, even an 8th grader could do it”.

    To be frank, I don’t care; the pictures look cool!

  8. To do the second last one you must first do the LAPTOP background instead of the IPOD background.

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