Tank Flower Optical Illusion

Hello everyone! Congratulations! You all have made it to the last day of the week.  So, how has your day been so far? Well as for us, we are just trying to get through the day because it has been a long week. Today’s optical illusion is all about the fact that flowers can come out of the barrel of a tank, and we know that may seem hard to believe, but check out today’s optical illusion and you tell us whether or not there is a flower coming out of that tank! The tank is firing, and the image of the smoke coming out of the barrel has formed this lovely flower.

Tank Flower Optical Illusion Picture

About this time, you all are probably hungry, and we know that you may be heading to get some fast food like a hamburger and some French fries. However, take a look at this hamburger, and do you see anything that is on the top of the bun? Take a close look at how the sesame seeds are arranged, and you may notice that the seeds do form a face that is smiling. Can you all see it? Well today is Friday, and the weekend is about to start and we hope you have a great day!

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  1. That’s not a Tank, it’s a Howitzer. The difference is that a Tank always fires “Line of Sight” or on a direct line to a visible target and Howitzers point up in the air as this one is doing because they normally are firing at targets that are miles away and not even visible to them.

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