Plane Escaping A Billboard Optical Illusion

Hi everyone and welcome to Saturday! It’s a beautiful day, and seems as though the weather is freezing cold in some places, but almost spring-like in others. So, how many of you are planning a trip soon? When you all do travel, what is your preferred method? Do you all like to take a train, ride in the bus, or do you prefer to fly? Now flying can be a lot of fun, but lately, the headlines have not been very encouraging with a lot of planes that are disappearing or crashing! Speaking of airplanes, check out today’s optical illusion that involves a plane that looks like it is escaping the billboard it was placed into!

plane escaping a billboard optical illusion picture

Do you all want to see an interesting optical illusion that is actually someone painted to look like scenery? Check out this hidden woman optical illusion! Believe it or not, this woman is a living work of art, and frankly, it is amazing because she blends in really well with the background, and it is almost really hard to see her. Do you all have a favorite part of this painted lady? Well we know today is the beginning of the weekend, and have a great time no matter what you end up doing!

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