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Breviary: Book of Catholic Prayers iPhone App

Available on the iPhone App Store

Here’s an exclusive announcement for all of our “Mighty Optical Illusions” fans: My friend and I, we just started a business based on iPhone application development! What I’m about to show you is our first major release!

For the past year we’ve been working hard to learn the iPhone programming craft, master the design, and come up with something we could both be proud of. After countless hours of work and no sleep, I’m proud to show you our final product: Breviary app for iPhone.

This catholic application is consisted of thousands of traditional prayers, interactive rosary, all kinds of social features, and much much more! On top of all that, everything has been localized in 9 major languages, including English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Croatian, Italian and even LATIN. For this I have to thank our international fans, you know who you are!

See the video below and check our official website for more!

What we need now is your support – In order for any app to become popular, it needs the starting hype and certain amount of downloads in its first day on the app store (so it can climb to the top and become viral). I have never asked for donations nor have I charged access to our optical illusions (which I never will), but what you can do NOW to endorse us, is help us out and give our Breviary iPhone app a try! Spread the word, rate and comment it on the App Store… and above all – invite as many of your religious iPhone-mates to give it a try as well! The app sells for $2,99 and I can promise you it’s worth every penny! It’s the most comprehensive, well designed, and easy to use catholic app on the market – just watch the video below and see for yourself. Your endorsement is highly appreciated!

100 Replies to “Support Us! Get Breviary for iPhone”

  1. It seems ironic that a site that daily shows us how easily our senses can fool us, would be promoting a religious app.

  2. 1. is this an illusion??
    2. FROM which religion/belief?? NOT just Catholic, I hope..
    3. the last decent bibles are Lutheran/Quaker. Or most before about 1400’s.
    4. did you add an concordance?

    1. Common guys! I’m not pushing religion onto you, it’s just a vertical we found convenient to use as a topic for our first iPhone application! I was very excited, and wanted to share with you something I’m very proud of, but I guess I should’ve been more careful asking you for help in this.

      I know it might annoy some of you to see this unrelated post, an intermezzo I do very rarely on this site. But I thought it would be something you could easily skip, and on the other hand – it could be a tipping-point to help our side-bussiness fly instead go down and fail. We invested so much time in it, I decided to mention it on moillusions, to give as so much needed starting-boost, but I apologize if you found it offensive in any way…

    2. how about a Old style vs NEW..Survival manual.
      For the idiots out there that get STUCK someplace they dont want, and need a suggestion of HOW to get unstuck, or to survive long enough(yes a few people got LOST even with cellphones, and DIED)…
      I mean a suggestion of:
      TAKE TIRE OFF, RELEASE AIR from tire, USE FUEL and ignite TIRE..would have saved a few of these people. AND GPS SUCKS if you dont already KNOW the way.

    3. Seriously guys, wow? I think the comments need to be disabled on this one.

      @Vurdlak – It’s obvious that when you shared your accomplishment, that you thought you were doing so amongst people who respected you. It’s clear that you are being judged now. They are shallow to insult you. Maybe they will move to a site that encourages bashing instead. You have a great site. I am not Catholic but I’m sure that app will be appreciated by many. Don’t let these people steal your joy. What you have accomplished is much greater than that!

  3. wow, i didn’t know you were catholic, i guess it’s good you have a goal beyond just living and dying.

  4. I won’t be buying the app, but I do congratulate you on your work, you clearly spent a great deal of time perfecting it.

  5. Hello ~

    At first, I thought this was a humorous intro into a fun, intriguing optical illusion.

    But to use this platform as a launchpad for a religion-based product?

    I’ve lost *all* interest. Count me out!

    D. March

  6. You are devaluating this nice website by using it for your own business. Even if it has an idealistic touch to it (pray a lot) it is not very sympathetic. This is not why I visit Mighty Optical Illusions. One would almost suspect Opus Dei to have hacked the site…

    1. Wow, selfish much? As he pointed out, he doesn’t charge for the site. He makes *one* post about something he’s proud of and you say he’s ‘devaluing’ the site? Shame on you.

    2. Peter lighten up. DO you have a site that you supply free to customers like this? Do you give up your time freely to do something like that for others? Something like this should not effect your life so much. If you dont like it move on.
      If you feel like a FREE site like this owes you something then you’re really mistaken.

    3. She can do anything she wants, it’s her website. I applaud her for creating this app and not being afraid to express her beliefs here. If I had a iphone I’d get it. I’m not Catholic but I find it interesting and would enjoy reading and learning from it. You on the other hand are a stick in the mud.
      Shame on you from me too.

  7. Though I’m not very interested in this app, I do want to congratulate you on making your very first app. It looks very slick and has a professional design and I hope you keep making more!

  8. What the world? THIS IS AN ILLUSIONS Website. . While the catholic church is an Illusion of Christianity, it isn’t the real deal, and THIS isn’t the website to advertise your catholic wares, even though you are the ‘owner’ of this site. You WILL have alot of ticked off members.
    Even if it was a true Christian App you were pushing, this is still NOT the place for that. Maybe a link and a small paragraph leading about it, but not the WHOLE page.
    One questions, do you support Boy Scouts stance and Chick-Fil-A’s too? Hope so.

    But please, DON”T do it on your FULL page.

  9. i have been enjoying your illusions for a long time, made it part of my homepage, even …. but this freaks me out … knowing you are such an active participant in this homophobic, anti-women, hypocrisy-ridden, greedy bunch of child-molesters just disgusts me. i quit you as of now.

    1. Ha! Bigotry at its finest!

      “THAT group is evil and a bunch of other slurs. *I* am righteous and good!”


    2. Beggy, A question for you.

      What type of human do you think commits most of the crimes you’ve listed?

      God-fearing individuals who know that this life is temporary and that they are accountable for everything that they do?

      Or those individuals who do not believe in anything – no God, no life after death, no heaven, no hell, no punishments or consequences for their crime?

      Who is most likely to commit those insane crimes?

    3. @beggy: If you think all that is true about Catholics, you obviously haven’t bothered to do any research to make sure your comment is true. Yes, you heard me. I am openly denying your statements.

    4. Hehe, it’s always kind of funny how when you prove someone wrong, they don’t post back.

  10. I love MOillusions.
    But I really don’t understand why we should read about religion in such a website.
    I don’t like this, I think it’s just a commercial that some may like and some (like me) not. Anyway it has nothing to do with optical illusions and I hope you can go back to them very soon.

    1. The guy who entertains us daily for free with his own hobby, time investment and thoughts, created something else he want to show us and he want us to rate it.
      Is it because what he made is religious of nature that people feel it is ‘not done’ to do this this way?
      The app he made is probably for >90% of his visitors something they won’t want to have, but most of the reactions are negative about this advertisement because of the religious cut.

      Would all you people react the same if the post was like this?

      “Hey guys, besides illusions I spent a lot of time in Spain. So a friend and I made this app for iPhone with which you have a Spanish-English dictionary and phrases you can’t do without in a Spanish speaking country! Please take a look into it invite your travelling iPhone-mates as well!”

      I would like to respond the same as I would for a Spanish translating app:
      Sorry Vurdlak, but that app is not my cup of tea. Good luck with it, I hope it won’t consume too much time of yours, so you’ll still be able to give us our needy dose of illusions!

    1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaa! great one
      – it’s nice to see atheists speaking up (as the majority)

    2. Who told you atheists are the majority? Whoever it was did NOT know what they were talking about.

  11. Great now I can’t trust this blog. ahh well heaps of new optical illusion web sites out there these days.

  12. Come on guys. I’m not Catholic, but what’s with all the bashing on religion, and on them advertising this app here? It’s his site, if he wants to put out the occasional advertisement for his business in exchange for countless, FREE, illusions, I am absolutely fine with it. Anyways, rant over, the app looks really slick and professional, it’s clear a lot of time went into it. I hope this is the first of many more!

    1. Exactly. He spends his time, energy and money to bring all this to you for free. I have no problem with him throwing something like this up.

      All you idiots believe that he owes you something. Get a life. Either say something nice or go slam your head against a wall and let it be.

  13. Very Nicely Done…..I say your site, you can promote what you like. And this has taken much work and you should be proud. And just a note to z2d, Catholics are Christains. Miss the the daily illusion but nice job

  14. Will there be an android application in the future? I got my Iphone stolen so I’m back to android in my cellular life.I do have a MacBook Pro,so mybe I can use the app there while I wait.

  15. Good job. Since I don’t have any money on my account, I can’t buy it, But congrats on your first app.

  16. Give the guy a break. Boy, I guess one non illusion post and that’s enough reason to bash on the site. What about the countless hours that he puts into giving us something interesting to look at. It seems like people are just waiting to be “offended” just so they have another thing to bi%$# about.

  17. Oh ok, I assumed it was an iphone app logo with a minor illusion in it (the arrow shaped bookmark down the centre makes the ‘book’ look like it is tapering down to the bottom whereas it is actually square.)

    But no, it is a catholic app? umm, ok?

  18. You hang in there. I think it’s a great app. I love your illusions, I look forward to them. If I had an iphone I would buy this app. I hope you make it for more than just the I phone. kjm0591 is right Catholics are Christions, thanks K.

  19. C’mon, or $2.99 and 20 seconds of your time you can et te app and rate it as a avor to someone wo does so many or us. I you urry, you can be te 3trd reviewer. ere’s my review:

    “I’m not Catholic or even interested in worshiping a deity. But many people are, and in an emergency I can see the help this would be to someone who is. I’ll be glad to have it available to offer on an appropriate occasion.

    Like many other apps, I anticipate that having it will lead to using it at opportunities I can’t even foresee right now. Plus it really is nicely made and would make a thoughtful gift.”

  20. PS As a bonus see i you can iure out te six consecutive etters on my eyboard tat don’t wor.

  21. Oh fuck no. For those of us who see how evil religion is — and how it was helpful for the rich to keep the uneducated masses doing their bidding hundreds of years ago, but isn’t relevant to modern intelligent people — this is not only unrelated to our optical-illusion interests but actually vile.

    I get it: your free site, your choice of content. But if I see any of this ridiculous catholic bullshit in my feed ever again, I’ll be gone immediately, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

    Use your programming skills on something that will actually actively help people take charge of their own lives, not give them a rote way to plea with an imaginary magical power.

    1. Your attitude is just as evil as you claim on religious people.

      That imaginary magic they believe in is what works for them.
      Just like structure in ways of to-do-list for everything works for autistic people and hitting a punching bag at home works for aggressive people.

      I suggest you buy a punching bag, so you can function in society as well without being a douche.

  22. I agree with Duscon. It’s his site so if he wants to advertise about a new iOS app then so be it. People aren’t even seeing it THAT way with all these posts I’m reading about religion. It just happens to be a religious app. Would you people have made any more of a stink were it to have been some other type of app? I doubt it.

    To the creator of the app, it looks pretty good. I’m agnostic and don’t own an iPhone, but I can still appreciate a well made app when I see one. Good luck with it.

  23. When I first saw this I was a little offended myself. It took me a until today to actually read the article. But after reading this go ahead and plug your side business. I hope you do well in it. If it keeps this site free I don’t mind a little self advertizing. better than a bunch of popups and banners flashing at me. best of luck to you in this.

  24. Cant you take your advertising somewhere else? Congrats on the app and that it might make money for you in the future but this is NOT the time place or way to advertise it. That add is like to going to beach for a swim only to find a major oil slick have covered averything in crap. I’m NOT catholic and not all that religious either and I think its offensive that you have corrupted the site to try to push your own persoal values/beliefs and financial interests down our reluctant throats.

    1. You’re offended because he promotes another thing he made? There are tons of Illusion sites all over the internet. If you don’t like one with a personal edge like Vurdlaks, why do you even bother coming here?

      Try to see this add as a day on the beach with someone coming to you will you’re sunbathing and says: “Hey, do you like this part of the beach which I single-handed have cultivated and maintained personally without asking anything in return of you? Maybe you like this book I wrote as well!”

      It’s a pity to hear about your reluctant throat, I sure hope you find a way to live with it or get well soon!

  25. I feel strongly enough about the inappropriateness of using Mighty Optical Illusions for commercial/religious purposes that I am removing the widget from my computer.

  26. I’m an atheist, but just stop complaining. This app isn’t for me, this post isn’t for me, and I would just ignore it, if it weren’t for you making a big deal out of it.

    It’s one post, and it’s not even about religion, it’s about Vurdlak and the stuff he does when he is not catering to your illusion needs.

    Hey, if you think the site is not doing it for you, just leave. That’s what I’ll do when the site stops giving me what I want. But in no way have I become convinced that it is the owner’s duty to do what I want.

  27. Not interested in the app, as I am an atheist. However it is your site, and you clearly did a great deal of work on the application. Well done.

    Thanks for all the illusions.

  28. Wow, nice job!! As an iPhone user I can say that this is one really good looking app. Very nice, congrads! Will download for sure.

    As for the people saying bad things, I really don’t understand… You give us free illusions for years and I see no harm in an occasional promotion. I don’t feel offended in any way. Nice job, keep up the good work!

  29. Well, I knew it was not an illsuion, and I am ok that you posted it here. I actually went to the app store but sadly, your app only works with the iso 5.0 and I don,t have that so you are mising out on my cash. And apps that I can’t get now I won’t go back and get later. But it looks great from the video.

    Now back to our regular illusions….

  30. Perhaps I was too hasty in my rant earlier. as Chacolate pointed out earlier, the site is free so perhaps I shouldn’t have judged too harshly. I will still visit the site as soon as it’s back to optical illusions rather than delusions soon.

  31. well, the place wasn’t hacked.
    Oh, I get it: the whole religion stuff is an illusion – although not optical!?

  32. Give it a rest. He took some time on HIS web site, for which he charges you, what? Oh yeah: Nothing, to take credit for a product. He used HIS web site, that HE pays for, to plug HIS product. Isn’t that what websites are for? There were five ads down the side for things that weren’t his. Did you complain about that? Go get a life.

  33. i don’t have a iphone and I don’t mind this appearing, but it does seem to have been on for a long time; couldn’t it share the space with something else ?

  34. Hey – it is a FREE site – they can post what they want.

    So I say good job on your new adventure with you app!

    And thanks for keeping us entertained with the great illusions coming here!


  35. I’m not a catholic, not a christian, I don’t have an iphone, but I have no problem with this promotion at all.

    Keep up the good work, best of luck on the app.

  36. So… i don’t have a problem with the ad, or the subject (although it isn’t for me). Make a living dude, good luck. Not what I would’ve chosen, but, hey, to each his own. Hope it works out for you.

    But the ad has been up for awhile now… isn’t it time to move on?

  37. Considering the number of non-believers, myself included, I like that you’ve promoted your religious app on your ‘illusions’ site. I can see a humorous irony in it.

    On a serious note, congratulations on your hard work. I’m not religious, so I won’t be getting it, but I still think anyone that puts a lot of work into something deserves a pat on the back.

  38. @kjm0591;
    I beg to differ, there IS a major difference between catholic and Christian. Talk to anyone from Ireland.
    As a FORMER catholic, and now a Christian, it is a BIG difference, but I will not get into it here.

  39. Some of you need to lighten up – it’s not like you are paying for this site. So one commercial – big deal!

  40. Sheesh, this one post really brought the hatetheists out of the woodwork, didn’t it.

    People, relax: it’s a free site for optical illusions, so they can post what they want.

    Curb the hate.

  41. Kudos to you for making a useful app for other Catholics. It might be hard to believe, but the people making the most noise are actually the minority in our world.

    They just whine real loud. :-)

  42. So glad to see this! But I have a Droid. :( Let me know if/when it’s in that format.

    As much as I love this site, I think the app is even more important. Keep up the good work …

  43. Beautifully done, Congrats! By the way I am NOT Catholic, however, I can respect and appreciate the work that went into this app.

  44. I’d like to offer my congrats too on your app. Although I’m not Catholic (non-DM Christian), and I don’t have an iPhone, if/when it comes around for Android post about it here and I’ll buy it just as gesture against all the intolerance here.
    @RN, “hatetheists”;Love it!

  45. I would love to have this app but I don’t have an iPhone. I have a Kindle Fire so if you get it to work on the Fire I will purchase it. It looks great and I know I would love to have it. Best of luck and May God Bless.

  46. Great work on the app. I wouldn’t let the die hard’s get you down but as I only have a Droid phone does not help but if you making apps I would try to do it for both OS’s and maybe down the track make an app for Mighty Optical Illusions

  47. I will not personally get this app but it looks beautifully crafted. Good Job! I work in retail and it takes 1 customer to ruin a day by giving you bad looks / comments.Even when 500 others are happy with my service, Ignore the bad post and concentrate on all the people who will download and appreciate your app. I agree that it might not have been the best place to advertise this. but Still Good job!

  48. LOL at the people “leaving this site forever”, you must have a hard time functioning in the real world

    Fun site, enjoy the illusions and good luck with your new product launch

  49. Just now saw this and put it on my iphone right away. It was perhaps a little odd to find it here, but providential, too. Thank you and God bless your efforts!

  50. Great idea for an app! If it was available in android I’d love to have it. :-) I love your illusions…thanks for a great site.

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