Smokin’ Hot Optical Illusion

Thanks to our loyal and investigative audience, “together” we’ve managed to locate more photos of the anamorphosis work by Fran├žois Abelanet, and learned how it can be found exhibited at Paris town hall. Be sure to check the mentioned post for more updates. Today’s featured illusion is somewhat easy to see, and chances are slim there wasn’t any digital manipulation going on with it. Still, someone has seamlessly integrated my old time favorite – “Lady in Smoke” into a real life photograph focused at the lit cigarette. As much as I’m against smoking, I really loved this one!

22 Replies to “Smokin’ Hot Optical Illusion”

  1. #1 POST!!!!!

  2. I get the illusion of the woman it took a minute to see her face and cig the reason why is I kept seeing the evil skull face that was looking from the top of her head its a side profile of the left looking up at a 45 deg angle and her upper hand looked like a hook or claw…

  3. sorry for the break…
    I figured the skull represented the evil or death of smoking…. till I also saw the girl face

  4. Very ordinary. You can see the real smoke going back along the cigarette The motif is just plonked on top. Don’t like this one.

  5. Ummm… is the optical illusion the fact that the cigarette looks so much bigger than it really is? Otherwise, I just don’t get it

  6. i saw the girl in the smoke but nothing else, could not spend much time the smoke bothered me I dont like people smoking in my house.

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