Second Best Optical Illusion EVER?

Remember the Best Optical Illusion Ever article, posted two months ago? Well, those of you who’ve seen it will have no trouble understanding this one. Rest of you, quickly jump to the prequel post before continuing with this one. Ok, now when you know where this is going, there’s still one additional Easter Egg left. There is a gallery included below, which reveals how this optical illusion came to existence. In my humble opinion, Craig Tracy really deserves being included in some sort of Art Hall of Fame. Did I remind you that what you are seeing is a real life photo? Now for that Easter Egg – count how many individuals were included this time ;)

Body Paint Tiger Optical Illusion - Craig Tracy 1

Check how this illusion came to existance:

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  1. I could spot the person as the nose pretty quickly, but it took me a bit to distinguish the other two.
    Still think the Snow Leopard one is better though.

  2. Ha ha, that’s right Christopher.
    At least this one is colorful.
    Now all thats missing, is more jokes about the tiger’s nose.

  3. Nit the second best, psh – the entire mouth of the tiger is disproportional to the rest of the facial structure of the animal

  4. Ok.. this should take the title of ‘best optical illusion ever’… easier to switch between the two depicted pictures and both look more believable.. this, unlike the first one, is an excellent illusion right there!

  5. I’ve seen tigers alot and this one is the most fake i’ve ever seen. Sorry, but it doesn’t have the tiger factor….

  6. This is pretty badass. & technically it is an optical illusion because it is taking one object (or in this case 3) and turning them into another object. Pretty sweet.

  7. May not be as good as but how beautiful, can i take this time to remind all big cat lovers that Abu of Zion Wildlife Ddns passed away a year ago today, R.I.P Abu, You truly were a beauty!

  8. His work is good, but boy is he a douche.
    I have met him several times, he lives here in New Orleans. He thinks he is better than damn near anyone that he meets and he is more than willing to tell you how he is better than you.

    I hate seeing talented artist that are so stuck up.

  9. No – it’s a ‘real life photo’ OF a painting. A painting on two overlapping canvases; one of which is a living 3D canvas (a human body). I wouldn’t count it an optical illusion at all. All it did for me was make me wonder why the nose/muzzle were so incredibly wonky. Any half decent street artist could do this. It can’t be the most amazing O.I. because it isn’t one at all.

    1. if its not so amazing then you paint it, if its something that you do not have the ability to do then you should be amazed and give credit where credit is due, and if you cant give credit you most certainly shouldn’t criticize because you cannot do better.

    2. seems ppl feel they have to say something negative just because the optical illusion wasnt hard enough for them. and like someone on here already posted: grow up nudity is the most natural thing in the world its ppl that see nudity and think it must mean sex that have destroyed the art not to mention what the porn industry and the common puritan misgivings towards it that have made you view it the way you do. if you had to think of this sexually then you havent passed puberty and if you physically did that already your brain may never follow suit sorry to inform you…

    3. There are actually three “living 3D canvases” here. The eyes are painted on 2 women as well.

    4. Ummm… let’s see @Binks… last time I checked, an “Optical Illusion” was defined as:
      “An experience of seeming to see something that does not exist or that is other than it appears.” What part of that definition’s criteria does this artwork NOT meet?? The tiger does not exist, and it is other than it appears.

      Stop trying to sound “smart”, because, really, it just makes you look dumb.

    5. @olivander
      It doesn’t meet it at all because it is a painting of a tiger over 2 different canvases. It’s a very good painting but it’s still not an illusion – the painting actually exists, it looks like a tiger and it is suppose to look like a tiger.
      We are seeing a woman’s back painted to look like a tigers face. The fact that you can’t tell it is a woman’s back doesn’t make it an illusion.

  10. The other one with the leopard was harder to figure out then this one…looked more like a leopard. This one you can see that the nose is a bit bigger than it should be.

  11. Wow, Porn as “art”?!?! Seems anything still goes on the Internet.

    This lovely optical delusion has been brought to you presumably by your local State-sponsored public foo, er, school system.

    Thanks, Uncle Sam. You’re SWELL!!!

    When I grow up I want to be JUST LIKE this “artist”, drawing animals on naked people! Wait, they used to do this in the stone age, but my teacher told me we’ve EVOLVED past this, no??? Oh never mind, let’s stop thinking about it and just have FUN!!!

    1. Haha I love ignorant people! Grow up and stop viewing a naked body as inappropriate good lord!

    2. LOL! I wish you knew how ridiculously STUPID you just made yourself sound. what are you six?

    3. And what, exactly, makes the image “porn” in the first place?? The fact that the women don’t have any clothes on? That somehow makes it pornographic? Jesus… not so much as a nipple showing, and you buffoons still call it porn.

      I pity the woman who you grow up to marry… once you reach high school age, of course.

  12. I figured that out in less than 10 seconds. Now every time I look at it I see nothing but the girl the rug and the pillow.

    1. er…it’s not a pillow. it’s actually two other men, if you would look at the pictures it clearly shows it

  13. this artist does amazing work. this isnt his best one.. but its is a good one.. his name is craig tracy and he sells his artwork at the “oh my godard galleries” in las vegas, lake tahoe, florida.. hes from new orleans…

    and to slobberingjimbob, it is not easy to airbrush a painting onto a body, you still need to understand depth in order to do this, which you obviously do not…

  14. OMG ! Worst part is that I saw a girl right off & didn’t see the tiger until I read the caption “girl or tiger ?” lol
    too funny
    What can I say, I have man eyes !

  15. my friend emailed this to me im 12 and i figured this out as soon as i saw it there is a woman laying down her butt is like the tigers mouth he back runs up his snout and her shoulderblades are in between his eyes right in the middle of his forehead u can see her hair fliped over the back of her head

  16. craig tracy is an extremely talented artist. we grew up across the street from 1 another. I have been knowing him for most of my life. There are actually 3 models in this pic. I personally think this pic is pretty amazing. but for some of you hard core critics out there maybe you should take this into account. craig tracy the artist is considered legally blind.

  17. Any artist can do this crap art. Its not even a real illusion nor art. Just gimmick crap. Please don’t comment, than you do it. That is the sign of a pure idiot. Anyone can do it, why would I want to paint crap porn for art? I went thru puberty already.

    1. crave, get a life. don’t say you can do it if you won’t prove it. That’s just childish. Either evolution skipped your blood line or you’ve not begun puberty and your first period starts soon. Either way, no one likes your stupid comment.

  18. Hello! I LOVE your site! I also agree that you should get some compensation for acknowledging commercial advertising and displays, etc… The consumer, or a simple “passer-by,” gets a second look at what the artists, and the businesses work so hard for. We all take so much for granted, but your site entertains and enlightens! I’m telling everyone I know about you site! Bravo!

  19. It would be nice to mention, the painting was entitled “The Last South China Tiger” and was painted to increase awareness of Save China’s Tigers efforts to save the world’s most endangered tiger.

    1. Nice. They’re “whores” just because they’re naked?? What 16th century hole did YOU crawl out of.

  20. It’s not an optical illusion at all it’s just camouflage with paint. It’s not difficult to paint something so it resembles something else. Real illusions distort perspectives etc to realise optical effects.

  21. Sorry To Say, But This As Well Is Not An Optical Illusion. What It Is, Is An Skilled Artist Using The Female Human Form As An Artistic Medium In Lieu Of A Traditional Canvas

  22. This Craig Tracy painting is actually three women. While many CAN perform body painting, this guy’s vision and detail is amazing. Additionally, the many hours it takes to set it up perfectly should also be considered. The work is actually an un-retouched non-manipulated photograph of the original live work.

  23. First of all… Beautiful work!

    Secondly, why do so many people equate any sort of nudity as “porn”? Seriously… This is Not porn. Any more than the statue of David is porn or many other works of art hanging in many of our best known and Art Accredited galleries around the world. But I will Not feed the trolls. Moving on…

    Lastly, and I know this will sound juvenile but the pragmatic side of me has to have its say… The poor people being used in this must be Seriously freezing their… Uh… Whiskers off. Hurry up and take the photo then give them their clothes back and a cup of hot cocoa. Poor things! o_o

  24. i love how, in the 4th gallery photo, her feet look a little like the tiger’s pink tongue, lol…it’s a slight stretch, but i like it :))

  25. I love the work that goes into the prints. Its amazing how thae artist con paint the body and camoflage it into somthing else. Also the body paint is just amazing. Is it art or porn,if you think it is porn than you need some meds. It is art and I would call it fine art. It takes hours to complete so kudos to the models.

  26. how can i get some of these picture on my page just to be able to laugh when i am uptight and need a good laugh.

  27. Ingenious!! I cannot imagine how the nose model endured that position for any length of time at all! Oooooh my aching legs!! I am having sympathy pains from merely looking at the finished piece of art! There were either numerous breaks, it was very warm in the studio, deep heating rub was applied generously and often, she was in amazing condition, or she sacrificed her legs & feet for the sake of art.

  28. ok, so, besides the chick whose mooning us, are there other naked people in this picture? I need help because I really don’t see it…

  29. I know right I just wanna wame the very crack of the tigers nose LMAO lol …hell no thats just weird lol but really thats some insane art !!!

  30. I have seen this and many more of his original prints at his gallery in New Orleans. Amazing work! Some of them you have to look very hard to see the body of the woman. Even when you know it’s there. Check out his website.

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