Real Life Illusion: Storseisundet Bridge

Imagine taking a drive along a beautiful highway. The beautiful blue sky all around you, majestic mountains off in the distance and open roadway waiting for you to come out and take a drive. What would you do if the road suddenly appeared to drop off into the middle of nowhere? Would you keep driving or would you turn around and head the other way? The Storseisundet Bridge in Norway is a real life illusion that I’ve personally seen.

Storseisundet Bridge in Norway

As I was visiting some friends in Oslo, I needed to take this bridge to get there. I stopped before I hit the bridge to snap this perfect photo that basically shows the road just disappearing. As beautiful as the countryside is, and how scary this bridge was to drive through, that doesn’t take away from how amazing this illusion is. On a clear day, the Storseisundet Bridge looks like it abruptly ends and there is nowhere else to go except down into the water below.

Real Life Illusion

Once you are able to conquer your fears and head over the Storseisundet Bridge, you will find that the bridge continues right along just like it should. Even though the bridge is nothing more than an optical illusion, I will bet you many people questioned whether they should take the chance and see where the bridge goes. In reality, the bridge continues wrapping along the countryside to take you wherever it is that you need to go. Not only is this one of the most breathtaking pictures, but the real life version is that much better. The colors and scenery truly pop out at you as you drive along the roadway.

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