Pretty Cool Back to School Art Illusion!

The new school year is well under way, for sure. By now, the allure of the shiny new school supplies has worn off, and kids are starting to settle into a bored routine quite nicely. Most of them are probably doodling away during class, and some of them may be creating some pretty cool works of art! Like this cool back to school art illusion in a binder…


I love school art illusion drawings! The creativity and artistic ability that these kids show when bored in school just blows me away.

The rings of the binder were used as a starting point for a pool ladder, which is definitely pretty cool! The binder rings themselves serve as the beginning of the pool ladder, and rings were added to look like water. Finally, the corners of the pool were drawn in perspective to for the rest of the pool.

No doubt this poor kid was day dreaming about warmer weather and sitting poolside instead of stuck in a classroom!

Be sure to rate this awesome back to school art illusion before you leave! Then, head over and check out this pretty cool fake swimming pool illusion!

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